Newsletter Archive 2020

Newsletter December 27th


The Holy Spirit recently reminded me of one of the most amazing, wonderful, precious, truths that is a reality of heaven. I pray that the thought will bless you as much as it blessed me. First, remember that the word “intercession” means to go to another and make a plea, usually on behalf of someone other than the intercessor. Now, let us look at some Scriptures.

Hebrews 8:1-“We have such an high priest, who is set on the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens”. Where is Jesus? He is seated in glory at the right hand of the Father. It is a place of honor, prestige, power, and access. What is Jesus doing there? Hebrews 7:25–“Seeing He is also able to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by Him, seeing He ever liveth to make intercession for them”.Jesus is making intercession for us. Think of it. At this very moment, Jesus is leaning over and is whispering in His Father’s ear special requests just for you. What is your situation? Are you ill? hurting?, sad?, lonely?, financially distressed?, concerned about a friend or loved one? Jesus has noticed your situation and is talking to the Father about that need.

You protest, “I am a ‘nobody’. God doesn’t have time to notice me”. Consider Luke 12:6 “Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God” You are much more important than a little bird. If God is aware of a little bird, He is surely aware of you. You protest, “There are millions of people in the world. I will be lost in the crowd.” Remember, God is Supreme. He can hear, and keep in mind, millions of requests from Jesus without a single memory lapse. You protest, “That is wonderful news for you Christians, but it does not apply to me. I am not a believer”. Oh, but it does apply to you. At this very moment, Jesus is whispering, “Father see that precious one? They do not believe. What can we do to show them how much we love them and how much we want them to accept me as Lord and Savior, and how much we want them to join our family in heaven”?

Friends, rejoice. Your name and your situation are on the lips of Jesus as He speaks to the Father about you AT THIS VERY MOMENT. Let that heavenly reality of the intimate love and care that Jesus has for you thrill your soul. Let it refresh your spirit and cause words of praise to bubble from your lips.


1. Sanctuary service-10:00 am Sunday–Also available on the radio in the parking lot and on the website after noon.

2. Adult Bible Study – Wednesday-6:30 pm

3. Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions is now $ 2250. We have one more Sunday in December to give. Somebody from another country is going to be in heaven because Barbee’s Grove loves, cares, and gives.

4. Pamela and I want to wish you a God blessed, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 2020 was a troublesome year. However, our Lord was with us every step of the way. He is in us, and He will walk with us no matter what 2021 brings. Pamela and I thank you for the cards, gifts, nice love offering, and well wishes you have given us. We appreciate your love for us, your love for others, and your love for Jesus. It is a privilege to serve the Lord with you at Barbee’s Grove.

Jesus came once and HE IS COMING AGAIN! Prepare for His Coming!

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter December 20th


In their Gospels, Matthew and Luke tell us those wonderful “birth of Jesus” stories that delight our hearts. We thrill as we read them. In his Gospel, John does not take the time to repeat the things Matthew and Luke had already written. Instead, John goes quickly to the purpose of who Jesus was, and why Jesus came. As you read those first verses in John 1, notice especially verse 5. It reads, “The light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not”

We usually use the word “comprehend” to mean “understand”. Truly, many of the people of Jesus’ day did not understand who Jesus was and why He came. Even His own disciples often had trouble discerning what Jesus was teaching. Only after the crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and Day of Pentecost, did they finally “get it”. Even today, many do not understand that Jesus is Savior, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and the only way to Heaven. We must continue to share that good news.

Interestingly, many translations of John use a different idea for the word “comprehend”. They translate it as the darkness could not “overpower the light”, “put out the light”, or “absorb the light”. I like that thought. No matter how deep, dark, or black, the darkness is, it can never “overpower or put out the Light” that is Jesus. Religious leaders and dictators have tried their best for 2000 years. All have failed. All will fail forever. Jesus still sits on His throne in glory!!! Jesus is the Light. He will be the Light forever!. As men and women see the Light, draw near to the Light, they will find warmth, love, healing, forgiveness, salvation, and joy.

Two little songs have played through my mind as I have been typing. “Brighten the corner where you are” is the first. You may be the only Believer in your home, your extended family, your circle of friends, or your workplace. Brighten that corner with the Light of Jesus. The second chorus is one the children often sing, “This little light of mine,I’m going to let it shine”. If I remember correctly, it has a phrase, “let it shine all over the world”, and another that says, “let it shine till Jesus comes”.

A decorated, well lighted house can be a wonderful attraction in a neighborhood. An “on fire” “full of Jesus”, Believer, shining with the glow and glory of Jesus is a beautiful witness in a time and place of spiritual darkness. Everywhere, and forever, let the Jesus who lives in you shine forth as a witness and a blessing to the world.  Amen


1. Sanctuary Service- 10:00 am. Also available on the radio in the Parking Lot and on the website after noon.

2. Adult Bible Study-Wednesday, 6:30 pm

3. Called Church Conference-Sunday, December 20-Purpose is to consider the sale parsonage.

4. Our total for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering has reached $1055. It is wonderful to see that number growing each week. Your generous gifts will reach people who have never heard of Jesus. They will join us in Heaven. Thank you for caring and sharing.

5. Over the past 3 years that Pamela and I have been at Barbee’s Grove, and especially during this weird Covid-19 year, you have been awesome in your generous giving to those who have needs. You not only helped when asked, indeed you have gone looking for people who needed help. The Lord has taken notice and as we have sown, we are reaping. This past Sunday an anonymous donor gave Barbee’s Grove $6000 for our Benevolence Fund. “WOW”! This will enable us to help others in need in the months ahead. The Lord knows He can trust us to “do the right thing” with this gift, so He impressed upon someone’s heart to give it. [This is a good time to say, “Thank you Jesus”.] We also believe, that when we ask, you as a congregation, will continue to dig deep into your pockets and checkbooks and give to help others.

It is not the size of the congregation that matters. It is the size of the “loving heart” of a congregation that matters and that makes a difference in a lost and hurting world. Thank you for caring and sharing!

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter December 13th


Years ago, if I planned a trip to somewhere I had never been, I asked a friend for directions. If no one was available, I unfolded a state road map and carefully plotted my route. Today, my computer can print step-by-step directions down to tenths of a mile. It is even possible to ask my phone for directions.

Think back to Genesis 12:1 and the word Abraham received: “The Lord said…Get thee out of thy country… unto a land that I will show thee”. That is pretty vague isn’t it? Many of us would have balked at such a word. It must have been frustrating to stop and ask the Lord for directions at every fork in the road. Many of us have the attitude, “I want to see the whole trip in print before I take the first step”.

Yet, life is not like that. Every day is new. Every day is different. Every day we need new guidance. Which school should I attend? Whom do I date? Who will be my marriage partner? Where do I work? How do I handle the Covid-19 crises? Do I take this trip, or stay home? Can I eat out? Which restaurant? Is it okay to shop at this particular store? Your phone, nor your computer can answer those type of questions.

One of the blessings we have as Christians, as a child of God, is the same blessing that Abraham had. We believe in, and follow, the One True God who has all knowledge. He is the One who knows from beginning to the end. [Isaiah 46:9-10] Jesus said [John 10:27] “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” Paul wrote [Romans 8:14] “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God”. The Psalmist says,[37:23] “The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord….”

Abraham walked in faith and listened to the voice of God, reached his destination, accomplished the will of God, and received the multiplied blessings of God. Our world is crazy, mixed up, and has many voices crying for our attention. The more we learn to hear and follow the “still small voice” of our Lord, and to walk in faith, the more confidently we can live our daily lives. Even in a Covid-19 pandemic, the Lord will direct our paths in marvelous ways. We will be a fruitful blessing to others and receive in return our Lord’s blessings upon our own lives!!


1.Sanctuary Service-10am on Sunday-Also available on radio in the parking lot and after noon on the website.

2. Adult Bible Study-Wednesday 6:30 pm

3. Christmas cards need to be at the church this Sunday [13th]

4. Called Church Conference-Sunday December 13-Purpose is to elect Sunday School Secretaries and to consider a proposal about the Baptist Children’s Homes Offering.

5. Called Church Conference-Sunday, December 20-Purpose is to consider the sale of the parsonage.

6. More than 40 sets of pajamas have been delivered to the nursing home. The Administrator and the Activities Director were thrilled as we stacked their cart full to running over. THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVING GENEROSITY

7. The total Sunday for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions was $465. Some Mission Board Highlight from the past year

12368 New churches planted

535,325 Heard about Jesus

89,325 New believers

47,929 Baptisms

Your gifts are making a difference all over the world! We have the remainder of December to add to our total.

Love in Jesus

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter December 6th


You remember the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke [2]. A group of shepherds were out in the field minding their own business, which was, watching their sheep. Suddenly, the sky was full of angels loudly proclaiming “Boy, are you guys in for a lot of trouble. God is so angry with you earthlings. He cannot wait to slap you on the head”. Is that what those shepherds heard? Many folks seem to think so. Many of us grew up hearing of an angry God who was just waiting for a reason to do us harm. Some still believe that all their troubles come from God. One of the most famous sermons in American history had as title and theme “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God’. It is a fearful and depressing way to live.

Let’s look again at the real announcement that first Christmas day. “Good news of great joy” [2:10]; “For all people” [2:10]; “A Savior is born” [2:11]; “On earth peace and good will toward men” [2:14]. Ponder those phrases. Let them sink deep into your inner being. Let them thrill your soul.

What is God’s real attitude toward us? God has “good will” toward men, not anger. He sent a Savior so that we might have peace with Him and peace with each other. The Lord offers this peace to “all people”, not to just a select few of the elite. That peace is for you and for me and for all who will believe and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

To know God loves me and wants to save and bless me is truly “good news”. It is a reason to join the angels in proclaiming, “Glory to God in the highest”. Praise the Lord for His great love.

We do need to be reminded that if we reject the love and salvation that is offered, we will come under the judgement of God. However, that is only a last resort. God stands with open arms, proclaiming, “Look at Christmas, the cross, and Easter. That is how much I love you. I plead with you to accept my love and to come live with Me forever”.

Christmas is “good news” of God’s “good will” toward you. Believe it, receive it, live it, rejoice, and thank the Lord every day for that wonderful news.


  1. Sanctuary Service-Sunday- 10:00 am [Also on radio in parking lot and on website after 12:00].
  2. Adult Bible Study-Wednesday-6:30 pm
  3. We voted to give West Stanly Christian Ministries $2300 for their “Day of Giving”. Additional donations have pushed that total to $2900.
  4. Another $1305 was given Sunday for the NC Baptist Children’s Homes Thanksgiving Offering. That brings our total to $4550
  5. Thank you for the pajamas that you are giving for the residents of a nearby nursing home. Remember that your gifts need to be wrapped and at the church this Sunday [December 6].
  6. Our December special offering is our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for Foreign Missions. As we pray and as we give, our international missionaries are sharing the good news of Jesus in the far corners of our world.
  7. If you are giving Christmas cards, please have them at the church by December 13. We need time to process them before the 20th. As usual, we are asking you to take the money you would have spent on stamps and to give it to the Lottie Moon Offering.


Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church.

Newsletter November 29th


Are you looking for another reason to be thankful today?
Pamela and I have some precious friends in Tulsa who work a second job in order to give more to missions. Around 9 or 10:00 pm each evening they go into an office building and begin to clean—empty trash cans, sweep, mop, vacuum, wipe down the Break Room, refresh the bathrooms, etc. Even the neatest workers leave a mess, but when our friends have finished their work, everything looks and smells great for the next day.
Keep that picture in mind and think with me. Many Christians strive each day to do their best. You probably are one of them. Your desire is to honor, please, and glorify Jesus. Yet, when the day is done, you realize that there were some messes left behind—a harsh word, a hard look, an undone kindness, an unprayed petition to the Lord, etc. Despite your best effort you were still not perfect.
This is where the devil likes to put his “two cents” into our thought life. “You are a terrible Christian. You ought to be ashamed to show your face at the church, God is angry with you. Are you sure you are even saved?’ All of us can identify with these depressing thoughts. Sometimes we drag this miserable feeling around with us. It is as if we are trying to pull a heavy bag of garbage everywhere we go.
If that is the way you feel, I have some good news for you! David discovered this good news and wrote, “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life…” [Psalm 23:6] God’s mercy, His loving forgiveness, follows us. Our friends clean up messes left in office buildings. In the same way, as we seek to walk with our Lord and as we repent of our sins, God’s mercy follows us [comes behind us] and cleans up the messes we make. The devil wants to make us ineffective Christians by causing us to drag around that garbage. However, if we will allow it, God’s mercy will take that garbage and throw it away daily and forever. Jeremiah reminds us of one of God’s wonderful promises: [31:34] “I will forgive their iniquity and remember their sin no more”. If God’s mercy has cleaned up your sin and if God has forgotten it, you do not have to drag it around and wallow in misery. HALLELUJAH
Our friends leave cleanliness behind and the office workers return to a fresh building every morning. Likewise, in Lamentations 3:22, 23 we read that “God’s compassions fail not and His mercies are new every morning”. Jeremiah 33:11 reminds us that “His mercy endureth forever.” Precious Believers, we have a wonderful, merciful High Priest and Heavenly Father. Let us leave the messes behind and walk in freedom,in victory, and in power!!!!
1. Sanctuary service–Sunday at 10:00 am–Celebrating Communion.
2. Adult Bible Study–Wednesday–6:30 pm
3. Offering for Baptist Children’s Homes was $200 this past Sunday. This brings our total gifts to $3245. Thank you for your loving generosity. Sunday, November 29, is our last Sunday to add to this wonderful total.
4. Thank you for voting to spend the money we did not use this past year on Homecoming, Easter Breakfast, revivals, etc. as a mission gift for the West Stanly Christian Ministries Day of Sharing with the needy in our community. Our total gift was $2300. AWESOME
5. Remember to have the pajamas you are buying for nursing home residents, wrapped and at the church by Sunday, December 6. Thank you for blessing others.
As we celebrate Thanksgiving, let us praise and thank our LORD for His many blessings to us.
Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter November 22nd


Did you realize that the devil was a recycler? He has recycled the same lies for thousands of years. He does that because he finds people in every generation who believe those lies. Remember the scene under the “Forbidden Fruit” tree in the Garden of Eden. How did the lie go? “God did not really mean it when He told you to stay away from this fruit. Besides, He is cheating you out of a wonderful experience.” Adam and Eve believed the lie, ate, and suffered the painful consequences.

The lie was repeated when the Children of Israel dwelled in the Promised Land. “God did not mean it when He told you not to intermarry with heathen nations around you. Also, He is robbing you of the blessings you can receive from worshiping their gods and goddesses.” Time-after-time, Israel violated God’s clear directions and reaped disaster.

Today, that same lie is still being repeated. “God did not mean it when He said Marriage is one man to one woman for life, Forgive those who hurt you, Love your enemies, Live a holy life. God is depriving you of pleasure.. Besides, if you Christians would stop advocating a strict, pure lifestyle and would ‘loosen up’,and  relax your standards, people would like you and would flock to your churches.”

The sad result is this: Throughout America there are those who have fallen for the lie and now the members and ministers of some churches are not really believers in Jesus. They live and preach a sinful, unGodly lifestyle. Some have relaxed their standards until they have no standards at all. New Testament Believers would be appalled at what is preached from some pulpits. The result is that the unsaved world has no respect for the real Church of Jesus. The Lord is not pleased and we are reaping a painful harvest in our nation.

Think of this truth. In John 6, when the crowd said, “This is a hard saying” [6:60] and many left Jesus [6:66], did Jesus relax His standards so they would return? NO! When the Rich Young Ruler [Mark 10:17-23] walked away sorrowful, did Jesus call out, “Come back, I will make it easier for you”? NO!

Consider these words from Psalm 24: “Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord, or who shall stand in His Holy Place? He that hath clean hands and a pure heart, who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity nor sworn deceitfully.” Pretty high standards it seems to me. Think of the message of Jesus [Matthew 5:13] “Ye are the salt of the earth. Salt that has lost its saltiness is worthless and is thrown out.” It appears to me that Jesus is saying that compromising, sin filled members and the churches they attend are worthless to the Kingdom of God.

Believing and living the devil’s recycled lie may get a Pastor or a church some type of “Pastor, or Church of the Year Award” from the local sin filled community. Such does not interest me. I am waiting and longing to hear my Master, Jesus, say, “Well done, good and faithful servant”. What about you?


1.Sanctuary Service-10:00 am Sunday

2. NO Adult Bible Study this Wednesday -NOVEMBER 25

3. Called Church Conference- Sunday November 22. Purpose is to elect committee members and to switch some unused line items in the 2020 Budget to mission gifts.

4. $420 plus $1775 plus $850 equals $3045

Your loving, sacrificial gift to the NC Baptist Children’s Homes Thanksgiving Offering keeps soaring. THANK YOU   Two Sundays left to give.

5. Thank you for helping to provide pajamas for nursing home residents. Many have given Pamela money and asked her to buy items that are needed. Those of you who selected a name and chose to do your own shopping are asked to have your gifts at the church by Sunday, December 6.

Those who plant, reap a harvest!

God bless you

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter November 15th


In America today, where is the most dangerous place to be, the place most likely to lead to death? It depends upon the day, and the particular news media you use. We have been warned to stay away from churches, bars, large gatherings, and even your extended family Thanksgiving meal. But, are these the most dangerous places?

Consider these facts that came from a very reputable source: On an average day in in America:

587 people die from injuries

688 people die from medical mistakes

846 people die from Covid-19 [This number is rising]

1662 people die from Cancer

1795 people die from Heart Disease

2363 babies die from Abortions

It should be shockingly sad to all Believers in Jesus that the most dangerous place in America, is in a mother’s womb. Think of it!! For each person who dies of Covid-19, almost 3 innocent babies are killed. God have mercy on a nation that allows and encourages such activities.

Every person who dies from Covid-19 is a loss, a pain, a tragedy. We hurt for them when they suffer and feel the pain of their families when death comes.  Millions of dollars are being spent to find a cure and a vaccine for Covid-19 as well as cures for Cancer and Heart Disease. I have no problem with seeking cures for all of these diseases. Abortion is not a disease. With a few simple rulings, and at zero cost in dollars, over 2000 lives could be saved every day. Of course, I understand that in a few cases, a medical emergency could make an abortion necessary. Those cases are rare.

It is so sad, that those who push for abortion are so often the same folks who lead the campaigns to “save the whales, the seals, the snail darters, and other species of plants and animals”. All life is precious. Our Lord created life. But, man, who was created in the image of God, has the most precious life of all.

Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, let us repent of the sins of our nation. Let us ask the Lord to forgive our nation. Let us ask Him to change the hearts of men and women. Let us pray that the womb becomes a place of nurture and safety.


1. Sanctuary Service-Sunday 10:00 am

2. Adult Bible Study-Wednesday 6:30 pm

3. Called Church Conference-Sunday, November 15-Purpose is to approve a Church Budget for 2021

4. Called Church Conference-Sunday November 22-Purpose is to elect some committee members and to vote on transferring some line items in the 2020 Church Budget

5.WOW!   WOW!    WOW!

You are being so loving and generous

…. $420 plus $1775 equals $2195 given already for the Baptist Children’s Homes Thanksgiving Offering. We are on our way to a record gift.

…. You have given generously to Pamela’s request to buy pajamas for nursing home residents.

…. You are responding to the West Stanly Christian Ministries appeal to help needy children and families at Christmas

…. 64–The number of Shoe Boxes you prepared for the Samaritan’s Purse. Since this is the first time in recent years that  we have done this, it is a great number for a church our size. Samaritan’s Purse recently sent out this report. ” A 7 year old boy in Burundi received a box. In the box was a pair of shoes. They fit him perfectly. His widowed father was too poor to buy the shoes his son so desperately needed. Tears flowed. Now both dad and son have received Jesus as their Lord and Savior and are faithfully attending church”. It is all because of one little shoe box that these two will be in Heaven.


Great rewards are coming to God’s people

The love of Jesus is flowing at Barbee’s Grove

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter November 8th


As I write this, the election results are not yet known. When all the votes are finally counted, some of you may be in dismay and others will be thrilled. No matter who wins, all Christians are exhorted in 1 Timothy 2:1-3 to “pray for kings and for all in authority.”. Imagine what thoughts must have passed through the Apostle Paul’s mind when the Holy Spirit told him to write those words. “Lord, have you noticed how evil that Caesar in Rome is? Do you really expect me to pray for those local leaders who keep beating me and throwing me into their jails? Do you really mean it?”

The answer is, “Yes”. Our Lord orders us to pray for our leadership, no matter whether they are good or bad. In those same verses He says that we are to pray, “In order to lead a quiet and peaceable life”. No matter who sits in the place of authority, our prayers make a difference in the way we live as citizens.

Study your Bible. Research the Egyptian Pharaohs, King Ahab, Cyrus, the King of Nineveh, Belshazzer, Nebuchadnezzar, Ahasuerus, the two King Herods in the NewTestament, and others. None of them were nice men!  Sometimes God stopped them in their tracks, sometimes He changed their hearts, sometimes He used them for His Purposes and they did not even realize it, and sometimes the Lord removed them from the scene.

I can guarantee you this–The Lord is not sitting in Heaven, wringing His hands, and saying, “What am I going to do? Now that Mr.———is elected My hands are tied”. Brothers and Sisters, God is still on His throne. Let’s obey our Lord’s instruction to us and pray for our country and for those in office. We can like them, or dislike them, but in a spirit of Christlike love, we can pray for the Lord to guide their steps. AMEN


1. Sanctuary Service-Sunday 10:00 am

2. Adult Bible Study-Wednesday 6:30 pm

3. Called Church Conference-Sunday, November 15. Purpose-Approving Church Budget for 2021. Copies available this Sunday.

4.Please continue to pray for Immanuel Baptist Church and the family of Rev. Joe Smith. They need our prayers as they walk through this difficult time.

5.Try to get your Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Boxes to church this Sunday. Do not put money in the boxes. Our church will pay those shipping fees from a mission fund.

6. $420–The amount that was given this past Sunday for the NC Baptist Children’s Homes Thanksgiving Offering. It is a good start for what is going to be a fantastic offering from Barbee’s Grove. Let me share additional good news. When the total offering from all NC Baptist Churches and individuals is compiled at the first of the year, an anonymous donor has promised to match it! That means this first $420 will eventually equal $840. More than 100,000 people are impacted each year through the ministries of these Homes. THANK YOU FOR GIVING

When we are on our knees talking with our Lord we are powerful!

The Lord bless you!

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter Nov 1st


Remember the night before Jesus was crucified. He and the disciples were in the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus asked them to pray earnestly with Him. Instead of praying, they went to sleep. Hear His sad question, “Could you not watch with Me one hour?” [Matthew 26:40, 41]

If you are like me, you have at some time said to yourself, “If I had been privileged to be with Jesus that night, I would have been awake and praying”. We have thought we would stay awake, but is it true? Friends, are we in danger of sleeping instead of praying at this crucial time in American history?

1. In a few days, a new President and Congressional leaders will be elected. Are we praying?

2. Will the losers accept graciously? Are we praying?

3. Will there be looting, rioting, and burning in our streets after the election? Many are predicting that this will occur. Are you praying?

I sense a “Que sera, sera” [whatever will be will be] attitude in many places. Do we not feel an urgency to seek the Lord’s Face, repent of the sins of our nation, and ask the Lord’s blessing upon our great nation? Are we like the disciples, people with good intentions, but who are sleeping through one of the most perilous times in our history? In Ezekiel, we hear God saying, “I sought for a man who would stand in the gap for the nation that I might not let it be destroyed, But I found no one”. [Ezekiel 22:30]

What if you, or I are the one the Lord is seeking? What if we are needed to stand in the gap for the USA? How will you be spending your time during this next week? Faithfulness is needed for such a time as this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Sanctuary Service–Sunday, 10:00 am


2. Adult Bible study–Wednesday, 6:30 pm

3. Children’s Church——After additional thought and discussion, we have decided to delay restarting Children’s Church. We will inform you when a new start date is set.

4.Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Boxes–Due by the 8th. I rechecked and was again told that the label goes on either end of the lid.

5. NC Baptist Children’s Homes Thanksgiving Offering. We give during the month of November. This year, their need is greater than ever. Could we make this the largest offering that Barbee’s Grove has ever given? Jesus promises great blessing to those who minister to hurting children. I have confidence that you will give sacrificially.

We pray for you to be blessed by the Lord this week!

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter October 25th


Elijah, our 15-year-old grandson in Oregon, has loved ice hockey since he was just past the toddler stage. Last year he was selected as 1 of
the 3 best hockey players in Oregon in his age group. In May, he was on his way to Nevada for tryouts with a chance to make the USA Jr. Olympic team. Covid-19 shut that down as it did so many other events.

How did Elijah get to be so good? First, God gave him some natural talents and abilities. However, Elijah has worked extremely hard to develop those abilities. In the summer, when other kids are “sleeping in”, playing video games, “goofing off”, and eating junk food, Elijah has an entirely different routine. He eats healthy food. He gets up at 6:00 am, rides his bike to school, runs the track, and does some work in the gym. After he gets home, he goes into his backyard. There he has a hockey net. He spends hours hitting pucks into that net. He is determined to be the best he can be. Pamela and I are so proud of his commitment to the sport he loves.

In our “heart-of hearts”, most of us want to excel as Believers in Jesus. We want to be the best Christians we can possibly be. But, becoming a “super” Christian doesn’t “just happen”. There will be Sundays when we will have to pull ourselves out of bed to go to church, even when we would rather “sleep in”. Like shunning unhealthy food, we will choose to forsake people, TV, movies, video games, computer programs, books, and magazines that pollute our minds with trash, unbelief, and unGodly ideas. We have to choose love and forgiveness over hate and bitterness. Then, we will have to discipline ourselves to maintain good habits—Bible study, prayer, meditation on the things of God, and using our spiritual gifts to serve our Savior. It is as simple as daily saying “No” to the things that harm our walk with Jesus, and “Yes” to the things that strengthen that walk with our Lord.

Elijah is good at ice hockey because he chooses to do the things that enable him to excel. God’s gifts, plus Elijah’s dedication bring results. The Lord will enable any of us, and each of us, to be a “super” Christian if we will dedicate ourselves to making the right choices.  What choices have you made this week?


1. Sanctuary Service-Sunday, 10:00 am

2. Adult Bible Study- Wednesday, 6:30 pm

3. Children’s Church restarts November 1. 10:00 am in the Fellowship Hall. To seek to do this safely, temperatures will be taken as every child enters.

4. Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Box information

a. Boy/Girl labels go on the lid. Place on the end of the lid and not in the middle

b. Do not put money in the box at this time. We will tell you what to do later

c. Additional empty boxes are available at the church

5. Baptist Children’s Home Thanksgiving Offering will be received during the month of November. This year, the need is greater than ever.  Prayerfully, ask the Lord to lead you in the amount you should give.

6. PLEASE VOTE–Pray before you vote. Remember, Jesus is in the voting booth with you

7. Franklin Graham has asked that we make this Sunday [October 25] a Day of Prayer and Fasting for America. Let us join 1000’s of other  Christians in praying for our nation.

God is still on His Throne!
Be blessed of the Lord this week!
Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee‘s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter October 18th


If we were ever accused of a serious crime and were facing a lifetime in prison, we would want the best lawyer in the country. In fact, if he was a real person we would want Perry Mason. Perry’s clients always walked out of the courtroom as free men and women, declared “Not Guilty”.

But what about the courtroom of Heaven? We stand before the Judge, Almighty God, Maker of Heaven and Earth. We know we are guilty of sin, and the Judge knows we are guilty. Is there any hope? YES! 1John 2:1,2 says “And if any man sin, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous. And He is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world”.

We stand before the Judge, guilty, ready to be condemned and sentenced. Then, stepping up to our side is someone better than Perry Mason. It is our Advocate, our Lawyer, Jesus Christ the Righteous. Suddenly a glimmer of hope springs up in our chest. We might have a chance after all. Jesus boldly proclaims, “Let this man, this woman, go free. Their sin debt has been paid. I paid it on a cross on a lonely hill outside of Jerusalem 2000 years ago. The debt does not need to be paid a second time. Now, as you can see, this person is covered with My Righteousness”. The Judge listens to Jesus, checks the historical record, and replies, “You are correct”. We stand before Him, trembling, waiting for His next words. He turns to us and says, “Your Advocate vouches for you. I declare you, ‘Not Guilty’. You are free”.

What joy, what peace, what freedom, what comfort it is to know, that when we as Believers, confess our sin we are forgiven and cleansed. [1 John 1:9] Have you looked upon the Face of your wonderful Advocate lately, and told Him, “Thank You”? If not, today would be a good time to do so.

1. Sanctuary Service—10:00 am Sunday
2. Adult Bible Study—6:30 pm Wednesday
3. Quarterly Church Conference this Sunday [October 18]
4.You may bring your filled Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Boxes to church any time before November 8. Place them on the platform near the piano.
5. Children’s Services will restart November 1. 10:00 -11:00 am in the Fellowship Hall. We will take all possible precautions for safety. Parents are encouraged to check their children for any signs of illness before you leave for church.
6.We thank each of you for the many ways you expressed Pastor Appreciation to Pamela and me. The words, the gifts, the cards, the gift of money, the newspaper article, all were very special. Know that we love and appreciate you as well. It is wonderful to be your Pastor

Have a week that is blessed of the Lord!!
Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter October 11th


You will remember from your study of the Bible that God used Moses to miraculously deliver the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Their
destination was the land that God had promised to give them. However, doubt, unbelief, and disobedience led to approximately 40 years of
camping in the wilderness.

Imagine, an estimated crowd of 3 million people looking for food in a place where there were no Farmers’ Markets or grocery stores! Exodus 16
tells us that God performed another miracle. 6 days each week for the entire 40 years, “Manna” fell on the ground around the camp. It came every morning and simply had to be picked up and prepared for the daily meals. Any that was not gathered was melted by the heat of the day [v.21].

Several interesting facts:
1. It was provided daily and there was enough for everyone.
2.If a person “slept in” and did not go out in time, nothing was available.
3. If someone tried to gather enough on one day to last several days, the amount left over to the next day rotted, bred worms, and stank [v.20].

I see a spiritual analogy in this historical story:

1. God wants to give a fresh revelation of Himself to every Christian on a daily basis. He wants you to experience His presence every day you live.

2. The truly strong and healthy Believers are those who take advantage of the opportunity to meet with the Lord every day. They crave the “fresh manna” He gives.

3. Less spiritually healthy are those who seek the Lord on a “hit and miss” schedule. They “eat spiritually” from time-to-time, but not often enough to be really powerful in their faith.

4.Those who try to live on past encounters with God and seldom seek Him in the present, soon develop problems. People who live on “stored up” faith, whom I have known personally, usually have beliefs that are not Biblical, attitudes that are harmful, and a lifestyle that shames the Name of Jesus. Like the “stored up manna” their faith is not a pretty sight.

Our Precious Lord has fresh manna for you every day. Choose to receive it, enjoy it, be refreshed, and live in the strength it gives you to serve Jesus!!


1.Services in the Sanctuary at 10:00 am

2.Adult Bible Study–Wednesday, 6:30 pm

3.Childrens Church/Sunday School
Immediately after the Morning Service Sunday [11th], we would like to have a meeting of parents, grandparents, and anyone who can give the Deacons input on restarting activities for our children. Volunteers who help with these activities are also invited. We need ideas, children, and leaders to make this work.

4. It has been exciting to see the Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Boxes go out the door each Sunday. Let’s have them back to the church by Sunday, November 8. It will be a blessing in Heaven to have someone walk up to us and say, “You do not know me, but I want to Thank You. You prepared a shoe box. It was exciting to open it and to find all the nice things you sent. Best of all, the kind person who handed me the box told me about Jesus. I gave my heart to Jesus and now I am in Heaven all because you cared enough to share. Thank You”.

The Lord is doing great things. Praise His Name.

Have a God Blessed week!

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee‘s Grove Baptist Church.


Newsletter October 4th


Most of you know that Pamela’s mother, Helen Almond, recently graduated to heaven. This is something I wrote about her. I hope that you will
find it informative and instructive.

Is it true that unfavorable circumstances early in life, forever, and always, prevent a person from being successful, productive, and happy in
life? Some folks loudly proclaim it. I do not agree.

I think of Helen, my Mother-in-law of over 50 years. She was born in the 1920’s at the beginning of the Great Depression. Home was an isolated
“holler” far back in the coal mining hills of Kentucky. Her Dad became an alcoholic, leading to a divorce. Mom, Helen, 3 sisters, and 3 brothers moved to live with an uncle. The house where they lived was substandard by today’s definition. Helen was never able to finish school. [One of the proudest days of her life was when she received her GED from Stanly Community College around the time of her 40th birthday.]  From all outward signs, you could not expect Helen to turn out well or to accomplish much in life.

During WW2, Helen joined her sisters in Newport News, VA. looking for work. She found much more than work! She met Hubert Almond, a young man from Albemarle. They came to love one another and were married. Out of that marriage came four good children, Pamela, Kenneth, Timothy, and Jill. All four grew to become fine, loving, hard-working citizens.

Helen found several jobs in retail, including many years at Belk’s. She became the Manager of Albemarle Christian Bookstore when it was struggling to exist and turned it into a prosperous enterprise. In addition, she was one of the founding members and major leaders in the early days of Albemarle First Assembly. Not bad for someone who entered life with 3 strikes against her.

The things that made the difference in Helen’s life are the same things that will be a blessing to every one of us

1. Helen came to know Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior early in life. Her Aunt Sue led Helen to the Lord in an experience that was real
and genuine.

2. She developed that relationship with Jesus. As a child, it was Helen’s chore each evening to climb the mountain, find the family cow, and to bring the cow home for the evening milking. Those evening walks were her “alone” time with Jesus. Day-by-day, she came to know Jesus better.

3 She chose her husband carefully. Spending our lifetime with the right partner is more important than most folks realize. Our spouses can bless
us or ruin us.

4. She maintained a committed relationship with a good, Bible believing church. She worked with the women’s group and taught a Bible class at
West Albemarle. Later, she devoted her service to the ministries of Albemarle Assembly.

5. Helen gathered around her several Godly, Christian ladies. They were a blessing to her and she blessed them as well. Christ-like friends greatly enhance our lives.

Is it not amazing how God can take us, no matter how horrible our start in life is, and turn us into one of His masterpieces? Helen did not have a rosy start in life. That did not matter. She committed her life to Jesus and walked with Him. He made her a “woman to be praised” [Proverbs 31]


1. Sanctuary Service-Sunday, 10:00 am, FM 99.1 in cars or Fellowship Hall are also options.  Website after noon

2. Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Boxes are available at the church

3.Wednesday, Adult Bible Study resumes October 7, 6:30 pm

4. THANK YOU for your gifts of $900 for the NC Mission Offering

Have a blessed week!!

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church.

Newsletter September 27th


While going through some of her Mom’s things, Pamela came across a letter that she had written to her Mom from Wingate College. In the letter, she mentioned that the dorms would be closed for the Easter Holiday. Pamela’s friend, Lynn, lived too far from school to go home for a short holiday, so Pamela asked her Mom if she could bring Lynn home with her for Easter. It was agreeable and Lynn spent the holiday with the Almonds. Lynn did not have to do a single special thing to be a welcome guest. Because Lynn was a friend to Pamela, she was welcome at the family home.

So it is with you as a Believer in Jesus. Ephesians 1:6 makes the glorious affirmation that we are “accepted in the Beloved”. We cannot do anything to be accepted other than to yield to the Holy Spirit and to choose to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus as our Lord and Savior. At that moment, the Heavenly Father says, “If My Son, Jesus,vouches for you, then you are welcome into the Family of God. I will treat you special all the days of your life and then have a home ready for you when you pass into eternity”. It is by His grace that we are “accepted in the Beloved”.

Child of God, you are accepted, loved, wanted, and welcomed! God is for you and not against you! Rejoice, be thankful, and enjoy all the privileges of the Father’s Family!


1. New service time—10:00 am

You may listen from your car–99.1 FM

You may listen in the Fellowship Hall

You can join us in the Sanctuary. [Masks, social distancing in seating, and while entering and exiting are highly recommended!] This worked very well this past Sunday.

2. Website service will be a broadcast of the Sunday Morning Service and will be available after 12:00 noon on Sunday.

3. Samaritan’s Purse shoe boxes are available at the church if you wish to fill one for a needy child. How many can we fill this year?

4. Sunday, September 27 is the last Sunday for the NC Mission Offering. This money goes for Disaster Relief, Church Planting, Medical and Dental missions, Mission Camps, and Association Mission projects

5. Let us give THANKS

…To the Lord for His Love and faithfulness.

…To the Lord for 6 months of good weather that allowed us to worship outside.

…For the faithful attendance of those who were physically healthy and could attend those outside services.

…For those who had health issues that prevented their attendance, yet were faithful to listen to the webcast, to read their Newsletters, and to continue to support their church.

…For all who continued to give their tithes and offerings regularly during this Covid-19 crises.

Members who Love the Lord and who love their church make a church a strong church.

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church.

Newsletter September 20th


Thank you for the confidence in me that you expressed when you chose me as the next full time Pastor of Barbee’s Grove. With 3 years of “Trial Sermons”, you certainly know what you are getting. Pamela and I love you and will look forward to future years of serving the Lord along with you.

Because of Covid-19 there are not many changes that we can make immediately. As time passes, I hope that we can spend more time in prayer – at the church – in small groups – and individually. Also, let’s be praying about ways we can enhance our children and youth ministries. Do you know any unchurched youngsters who need to be at Barbee’s Grove? We have a good music ministry and I believe it will get even better when Covid-19 abates and the choir can return to full strength. In addition, as soon as medical conditions allow, I plan for Pamela and myself to be knocking on some doors in the community. I want to meet folks and to learn of their church relationships. Please consider joining us.

With our cooperation, the Lord has a great future for Barbee’s Grove.

Now, let us turn to other thoughts. If you are typical, when you are out shopping, there are several types of people you meet. First, are the strangers. You may nod as you pass in the aisle, but you keep moving. Then, come the casual acquaintances. You stop, talk about the weather, ask about family, and move on down the aisle. Then, there are the people you do not like. You turn into the aisle, see them turn into the other end of the aisle, and immediately back up and choose a different aisle. Finally, comes the people you really love. You spot each other and almost run to hug, greet, and talk. 30 minutes later you are still talking and clogging traffic in the aisle.

So it is spiritually. Some folks only give God a passing glance. Others, spend a few minutes chatting with Him. Some, despise the Lord, want absolutely nothing to do with Him, and run when the Name of Jesus is mentioned. The blessed people are the ones who run to spend time with Jesus at every opportunity. James 4:8 says, ” Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”. Thus, when you run to the Lord, you find that He runs to meet you. He will stay as long as you wish to stay. Like visiting with family, or old friends, how precious are the moments you spend in fellowship with Jesus.


1. As the weather turns cooler, we will be altering our service conditions. We will inform you as soon as decisions are made.

2. We continue to give to the NC Mission Offering

3. We thank Leonard Harvell for preaching while I was away speaking at a Homecoming Service. I heard he did an excellent job. Deacons doing some preaching goes all the way back to those first Deacons in the Book of Acts.

4. We owe many “Thanks” to our Pastor Selection Committee. Kathy High, Rita Linker, Gail Perkins, McChord Barbee, Wes Barbee, and Chairman, Lionel Hahn spent many hours reading resumes, listening to recorded messages, interviewing prospective pastors, thinking and praying. In the past 3 years they have invested themselves in seeking the Lord’s will for Barbee’s Grove. Please extend your personal “Thanks” to each of these individuals.

Even when things seem dark, the Lord is still at work in our world. Praise Him for His blessings.

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter September 13th


When Covid-19 hit our area, I suggested to our Deacons that I could write a little Newsletter to keep our church informed. We all thought that I would only need to write 3 or 4. Everyone was sure that the disease would be gone in a few weeks. I just counted. This is Newsletter number 26. That is one-half of a year. Each week the Lord has been faithful to give me something to write. Some ideas I have liked better than other ideas. Since the thoughts came from the Lord, I know that He had someone specifically in mind for the message that week. The God who “knows the number of hairs on our heads” knows our hearts and needs also.

I have realized that my weekly routine and activities affect how many ideas I have for sermons and Newsletters. Let me illustrate before I explain. If a family wants to roast a few hot dogs and marshmallows in the backyard, all they need are a few twigs and small sticks. A large youth group will need much more fuel and a bigger fire. Campers on a frigid night will need plenty of logs and someone staying awake to keep a large fire going. If there are predators, like wolves, around, maintaining a large fire is a necessity. It is a simple truth, the more fuel, the larger the fire.

I have found the same equation to be true spiritually. Some weeks, I am able to spend a large amount of time listening to Bible teachers and reading inspirational materials. That is “large fire” fuel. Those weeks, it seems that ideas for Newsletters and sermons come to me in bunches. Other weeks, my study time is limited by outside duties. Those are “little twig” weeks. Those are also the weeks it is more of a struggle to know what to write or preach. Interestingly, those “large fire” weeks somehow make it easier to deal with a frigid world and that evil predator, the devil.

We are all equal before God. We need Him daily. My experience says to me, and I hope says to you, “We need to spend as much time as possible in serious spiritual development. It must be a priority. Time with Jesus is of utmost importance.


1. Website and 9 am Parking Lot services continue as usual.

2. The vote concerning Rev. Ed Lowder becoming the next full time Pastor of Barbee’s Grove will be this Sunday, September 13.

3. We continue our giving to the NC Mission Offering. This money goes for ministries in our state and local association.

4. Our total gifts for the Rev. Otis Goins Memorial Fund for the NC Baptist Aging ministry was $390. Thank you!

5. Most of you know that Pamela’s mother, Mrs. Helen Almond, passed away this week. Thank you for your words of sympathy, offers to help, and all the other expressions of your love.

God has blessings for YOU this week. Receive and enjoy them.

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter September 6th


In 1Kings 20 there is an interesting acted out parable. God uses a prophet to pronounce judgment upon a disobedient king of Israel. The prophet pretends to be a soldier who was given an important prisoner to guard. However, he says, “as I was busy here and there my prisoner escaped”. He was condemned to pay a price for his negligence. The message to the king was the same, “you were derelict in your duty and now there is a price to pay”.

“Busy here and there” is a sad commentary on many lives that I have observed in 50plus years of ministry.
1.There were “on fire” Christians who got “busy here and there” and began to neglect their walk with the Lord. As time passed they grew cold toward spiritual things and began to live like the unChristian world.
2. There were Dads and Moms who got “busy here and there” and as a result neglected the spiritual life of their children. Those kids grew up unsaved with no relationship to Jesus and were on the road to an eternal Hell.
3. There were husbands and wives who became “busy here and there” and had little time for their spouse. Soon it was like two strangers in the same house. Anger, infidelity, and divorce followed.
4. Then there were the church members who got “busy here and there”. The church that they said they loved struggled and began to die.

I could go on, but you get the picture. “Busy here and there” can ruin the things that should be most precious to us. The world, the flesh, and the devil offer more than enough “here and there” activities to keep us busy for several lifetimes. Some, of course, are sinful activities.  However, many are good, helpful, fun things to do. They  only become wrong when they replace things that are of more eternal importance.  Anything that replaces the will of God for our lives needs to be changed.

Over the course of my life, I have had numerous times of re-evaluation.  Sometimes the Lord said “You are right on track”. Other times I have had to repent because He told me that I had stopped letting “first things be first”. I am blessed by God’s grace that allows me to repent. I am thankful that the Holy Spirit enables me to live differently. You serve the same Lord I serve. Are there any “here and there” activities in your life?

1.Website and 9 am Parking Lot services continue as usual.
2.Deacon Officers for this year–Chairman – Leonard Harvell
Vice Chairman – David Talley
Secretary – Kenny Linker
3.The Pastor Selection Committee has submitted the name of Rev. Ed Lowder to be the Full-time Pastor of Barbee’s Grove. Vote will be September 13. If you need absentee ballots please contact Mrs. Janette Barbee.
4.During September we contribute to the NC Missions Offering. This money goes to NC Baptist Men and others for mission projects in our state and around the world. Some is returned to our local  association for ministries here. There are envelopes available for those the Lord leads to give to this work.
5. We extend our love and sympathy to the Doug Sasser family. Doug  was a long time faithful member of Barbee’s Grove. His death saddens us all.  Thank you for ministering to the Sasser family during this time of grief.

Serve the Lord with gladness!!
Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church.

Newsletter August 30th


When I was a kid, I loved baseball. I remember walking down to the Little League field in Albemarle to practice. Snow still lay on the ground in the shadows. I did not care. I was there to play ball. In those “pre-instant replay” days, the umpire ruled supreme. If he said you were “out” you were out. If he said “safe” you were safe.

Colossians 3:15 says, “And let the peace of God rule in your hearts….”. The word “rule” can also be translated, “umpire”. Thus, we can say, “Let God’s peace be your umpire. Let His peace rule as Supreme Authority in your life.

Why do we need to let God’s peace rule? In a baseball game there will be arguments and trouble without a person in charge. In normal, everyday life, the devil will trouble your mind with bad thoughts. They may be sinful thoughts. More often they will be thoughts of sickness, money troubles, relationship miseries, disappointments, and fears of all types. The devil wants you to be “stirred up”, anxious, and worried in your mind. However, when you allow God’s peace to be your umpire, everything changes. The devil hits you with an unsettling thought, and God’s peace says, “That’s a foul ball, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t count”.

2 Corinthians 10:5 tells us to “Bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ”. God’s peace empowers us to do that very thing. Bad thoughts come, but God’s peace captures and negates them. Friends, the devil’s strategy is to fill your mind with anxious, fearful thoughts. It is a miserable life if we allow that to happen. Retaining those thoughts and permitting them to grow keeps us worried. However, when we, as a Believer in Jesus, call upon our personal umpire, God’s Peace, to get into the game [our thought life], we begin to live in peace, joy, and victory.

Remember, this is a growing experience. We do not become experts overnight. But, the more we welcome God’s peace as the Supreme Umpire in our life, the easier it becomes to reject the devil and his meddlesome suggestions. Let’s agree to settle the issue today and to let the Umpire rule our thought life.


1.Website service and 9am parking lot service continue as usual.

2.We will be observing Communion this Sunday [August 30]

  1. Gary Hamilton and Grant Hartsell are finishing their terms as Deacons. We appreciate these men and their service to our church. Please give them your personal “Thanks”.

Our world is troubled, but our God is on the Throne. Seek Him.

Have a God blessed week.

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church


Newsletter August 23rd


Last week, I read a news item that emphasized how depressed, discouraged, and downhearted so many Americans are. It told of a high
percentage of citizens who have seriously considered taking their own lives in the past few weeks. What a sad commentary on life in our

That is why the Gospel is such “good news” for these difficult days. We need to remind ourselves, and others, that God has a great love for us.
Many might say, “I just cannot see why, or how, God loves me. I don’t feel love. I’m not even worthy of love”.

Those negative thoughts are a lie from the devil. Jesus told a parable that reveals how untrue the devil’s words are. [ Luke 15: 3-7] Jesus
tells of a shepherd who counts his sheep. 99 are together, but one is missing. The shepherd does not say, “Oh well, it’s no big deal if I lose
one”. No, instead, he goes looking for that lost sheep and never stops looking until it is found. Neither does he beat that sheep or drive it
home with a prod. He lovingly lays it upon his shoulders and carries it to safety. The shepherd returns rejoicing that this sheep is once again
in his care.

You may be that lost sheep. Maybe, you have never been in the Family of God. Jesus is eagerly searching for you. Maybe, you have been in the
Family of God, but lately you have strayed. Jesus is also looking for you. Jesus is the Good Shepherd and He will never stop His search until
you receive His love and are safely home.

Perhaps you are thinking, “I have done so many bad things. How can Jesus love me?” Two of the most precious verses in the Bible profoundly speak to your thoughts. [Lamentations 3:22,23] They remind us that “God’s mercies are new every morning”. God never says to me, “Ed, you have
messed up so many times that I am out of grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love. Sorry, but you have gone past My limit”. God always has fresh
mercy for me, a new batch every day. He will always have fresh mercy for you also.
Jesus loved you enough to die on the cross for you. He continues to love you as He seeks you for Himself.

The world around you today may be troubled. Remember, Jesus told us, “These things have I spoken unto you, that in Me you might have peace.
In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world”. [John 16:33] As a Believer in Jesus, you live in
His love, and you can also be an overcomer!!! Let the Joy of the Lord lift your spirits today!  Amen


1. Website service and 9am Parking Lot service continue as usual

2. Called Church Conference–August 23

Electing two new members of the Building and Grounds Committee and messengers to the Associational meeting.

3. Communion will be celebrated on August 30. We will be doing this in a safe manner.

4. This Sunday, August 23, is your opportunity to give to the Rev, Otis Goins fund to help the elderly in our area. Mark your envelopes
accordingly Thanks for your gifts.

Look up! Jesus is giving a great revival and then He is coming for His Church.
Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church


Newsletter August 16th


It is late winter or early spring and the serious gardener gets busy. He carefully drops seeds into little cups of potting soil. He does not come back the next day and expect to pick a ripe tomato. He knows that it will take time. Eventually, a little plant rises out of the soil. He transplants it into his garden. He gives it the water and protection that is needed. After many weeks, those juicy tomatoes appear. If he is planting apple seeds he knows that it will be several years before any apples are ready to harvest.

Why the little lesson on gardening? Because all over the world and especially in the United States, there are people who are angry with God, who are upset with God, and who have turned their back on God. Why would they do that? At some time in life they felt that God had “let them down” or believed that He ignored their prayer, or in some other way disappointed them. They got tired of waiting on God to intervene in their situation. It could also be that God did not give the answer in the way they expected.

Hebrews 10:35, 36, is so helpful in showing us how to deal with our pain. “Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward. For you have need of patience, that, after you have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise.” Let us study this for a moment.

1. There is great reward and you will receive the thing God has promised.

2. The seed is planted as you do [and pray] the will of God.

3. Patience [stick-ability, never give up, in it for the long haul, I will not quit] is required. The gardener knows time will pass before the harvest comes. However, he also knows that when he plants good seed in good soil the harvest will finally arrive. We must have an “hang in there” attitude until God honors those promises He made. Remember, the Lord honors His promises, not our wishful thinking or selfish desires.

Pastor Ed, how long must I wait? I cannot tell you. Noah worked on the ark 100 years before the rain came; Abraham waited 25 years for Isaac, Joseph waited 13 years for ruler-ship, Daniel prayed and fasted for 3 weeks before an angel brought an answer from heaven. Jesus healed multitudes instantaneously. Others “began to amend [began the healing process] when He spoke the healing word. One man required some mud in his eyes and a trip to the pool to wash in order to see. God’s ways and time tables are not ours. I have had prayers answered almost immediately. There are other prayers that have only been partially answered after 35 years. But, because I know that these are Bible promises from God to me, I fully expect to have the complete answer.

The gardener needs patience to reap a crop. The Christian also needs patience when dealing with spiritual matters. Friends, please do not allow the devil to discourage you, and to drive you away from your Precious Lord.


1. Parking Lot and website services continue as usual

2. There will be a called Church Conference on August 23 for the purpose of electing messengers to the Stanly-Montgomery Baptist Association. We will also be choosing new members for the Building and Grounds Committee.

3. We will celebrate Communion on August 30. We are planning to do it in a safe manner..

4. If the Lord leads you to give to the Rev. Otis Goins Memorial Fund to help fund needs for the elderly ministry [NCBAM]  please give on the 16th, or 23rd of August. Mark your envelope accordingly. Thank you for giving.

God is a Good God and He is For You

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter August 9th


Years ago, a pastor friend who taught a business course at Gaston Community College invited me to speak to his class. I talked and then hung around to hear my friend teach the remainder of the class period. As part of the lesson he used the old game that is sometimes played at parties. He whispered to a student an instruction “Go tell Bill to use the forklift to put the red pallets on the blue truck”. Each student whispered the instructions to the next student. By the time the word had gone around the room it was a mess. It was not clear who was doing what and when! My friend was teaching the students that when they got out in the business world instructions needed to be in writing or to be given without a lot of middlemen. That would lessen the confusion.

From my perspective, it seems that this is what many have done with Biblical truth. It is not a game. It is serious business. I listen to what is said about the Bible. I hear what is taught. Christians read certain books and extoll their virtues without realizing how much error they contain. This week, my wife read me a Facebook post by a pastor’s wife. Sadly, it was not true to Scripture.

What has happened? Just as in the little game my pastor friend used to teach his class, we have passed down thoughts about the Bible without checking the facts. “Word of mouth” is the way many people get their impression of what the Bible teaches. It has resulted in much distortion, misunderstanding, and a weak version of New Testament Christianity.

A historical incident found in the book of Acts [17:10-12] should enlighten us. The Bible says that the Believers in Berea were “more noble than those of Thessalonica”. When God commends someone with words of honor, we need to sit up and take notice. We need to ask, “Why did God praise these folks in Berea”? Listen to what is said, “they received the Word with readiness of mind and searched the Scriptures daily, whether these things were so”. The disciples in Berea listened to Paul and Silas teach with open minds and hearts. They were searching for truth. But they did not stop with only hearing. They got out the Scripture that was available to them in that day and diligently measured everything they heard by God’s Word. These folks were not satisfied with blindly following a second or third hand representation of the Gospel. They verified everything personally. God commended them for their diligence.

The challenge for each of us is this. What do I believe and why do I believe it? It is not a good answer to say, “That is what Pastor Ed teaches, that is what I heard on TV, or that is what Grandma always said”. What if they were wrong? The correct answer is “I believe it because that is what the Bible says. Let me show you some verses”. You do not need a college degree to do this. It is amazing how our understanding opens up and our perspective changes when we have:

  1. An open mind
  2. Spend quality time studying God’s Word
  3. Allow the Holy Spirit to do one of His jobs—be our Teacher

Following the written instruction of God’s Word rather than secondhand reports eliminates much confusion. You may have been taught correctly. Just verify it for yourself. Getting our beliefs straight from the mouth of God is always best.


  1. Website and 9:00 am Parking Lot services continue as usual.
  2. Newly elected Deacons –Kenny Linker and Jeff Keplinger   Pray for these men and for all your Deacons [active and inactive]
  3. Thank you for your faithfulness to attend our Parking Lot services. We know that some of you have physical conditions that prevent your attendance. God understands and so do we. Almost everyone else who could attend is doing so and we appreciate it.
  4. NCBAM is the short way of saying NC Baptist Aging Ministry. It is a ministry of our convention to meet the needs of the elderly in our state. It includes such things as wheelchair ramps, plumbing issues and other repairs that the person needs to have done. Usually this is for those who do not have family or funds to get this done. Until his death, Rev. Otis Goins was the man in charge of this ministry in our county. He was a towering figure in this work. As a result, an endowment fund in his name has been started. It will be used to provide help for those in need in the years to come. We will be giving you an opportunity to add your gifts to this endeavor soon.

Have a glorious week with the Lord!

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter August 2nd


The Prophet Isaiah was probably the most Godly man in his nation. Yet, we hear him crying out, “Woe is me, for I am a man of unclean lips and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips”. [6:5] What caused this Godly prophet to cry out in repentance?

  1. He saw the Lord “high and lifted up”.
  2. He heard the seraphim praising the holiness of God.

Experiencing God in holiness and glory sent Isaiah to his knees.

Another man of God, Nehemiah, is found praying his own prayer of repentance [1:1-11]. He uses the pronoun “we” to describe the sin of Israel. Nehemiah was not the guilty party. Yet, he identified with his nation and her sin.

Another man who walked closely with the Lord was the Prophet Daniel. In Chapter 9 we find him using the pronoun “we” as he repents of the sin of his people. Again, Daniel was not the guilty party.

Special friends, I call upon you as Believers in Jesus, to join me in a special “Prayer of Repentance” for the sins of our nation. I can hear the cries of protest. “I have no reason to repent. I am not guilty of all the evil in the United States.” Neither were Isaiah, Nehemiah, or Daniel guilty of their national sins.

Your body may be 98% well, but if your big toe is in pain it affects your entire body. “Technically”, we may not be guilty, but “collectively” we all share the sins of our nation.

2 Chronicles 7:14 reminds us that repentance always begins with God’s faithful people. We know that the ungodly glorify and justify their evil lifestyle. They have no intention of repenting. We, Believers, on the other hand, desire to walk in the favor and blessing of God as individuals, as a church, and as a nation. That will happen when the real Christians in this nation get “fed up”, disgusted with the direction our nation is heading, and fall on our faces in genuine repentance. Godly repentance will save us from perishing.

The good news is found in 1 John 1:9″ If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” Add that to the promise from 2 Chronicles 7:14 that if we repent, “God will heal our land”. We have a reason to expect better days after we repent.

I have been preaching almost 60 years. In that time our nation has deteriorated morally and spiritually. I have to take some of the responsibility for that decline and it pushes me to my knees.

Friends, our Lord wants to revive and restore America. He is waiting for us to realize how far we have fallen and to then drop to our knees in repentance.

PLEASE take some time this week. Listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit. Is He calling you to join me in this time of prayer and repentance for our nation?


  1. Sunday Service continues at 9 am. Website service also available as usual.
  2. Homecoming is delayed until September.
  3. Deacon election is this Sunday [August 2].
  4. Please check the Barbee’s Grove website and watch the video from the NC Baptist Aging Ministry concerning a special offering in memory of Rev. Otis Goins. We will be asking you to contribute to that ministry in the next few weeks.
  5. As Pamela and I begin our 4th year as your Interim Pastor and wife, we thank you for the wonderful ways you have been a blessing to us.

Be blessed!!

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter July 26th


I am human, and I “mess up” often. However, one of the joys of my life is to do nice things for others. I, especially, like to listen to Pamela say, “I would like to have such and such”, and then to surprise her by getting it for her.

Since God is so much greater than I am and since He is Perfect Love, it is wonderful to read [Matthew 7:7-12]. Verse 11 says, “If ye then being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask Him?”

Consider also, 2 Chronicles 16:9 “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong in behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him”.

My God—Your God—is looking for ways to bless you. He has not overlooked you or forgotten you. He is actively seeking opportunities to do nice things for you. Often, these blessings come in unexpected ways and at unexpected times. Can I share some examples from my own life?

1.For 35 years, every time Pamela and I were really hurting, a dear friend from Chatham County called with words of encouragement. She always prays before we end the call. She does not know we are hurting, but God knows. He speaks to her and she calls at just the right time.

2.Last year, a special friend in the mountains called. She told me that she was canning green beans and tomatoes for us. What a blessing! With the struggles Pamela was having with her mother we would never have gotten any canning done. Every time we opened a jar this past winter we said, “Thank You Lord for using this friend to bless us.”

3. I am thinking of a man this time. Several times I would be out working in the yard and he would stop, talk a few minutes, and hand me $100. He did not know that we were struggling financially that week. The Lord knew and used this man to meet a need.

4.The list goes on:

…a mission trip to Brazil for our 25th anniversary

…a 50th anniversary trip to Montana

… the car Pamela now drives [ask her about it]

I am not bragging about me. I am bragging on the Lord and praising Him for the wonderful thing He has done for us. Precious Friends, God loves you as much as He loves me. He has no favorites.Let me say it again, “He is looking for ways to be a blessing to you.”. Your blessings may look different from mine. He knows you and exactly how to bless you. He knows your hurts, pains, needs, and desires. We, humans, want to bless those we love. So it is that our Lord is also eager to do good things for those who love Him. These blessings may not always come when and how we expect. However, since God is so much wiser than we are, His blessings are usually much more wonderful than we could ever imagine.

This week, be anticipating the blessings of God to show up on your doorstep. Be sure to “Thank Him” when they come. As you receive goodness from the Lord, ask this question, “Today, is it my turn to be a blessing to someone else?’


1This week there will be a website service as usual. Also, the Parking Lot service will be 9:00am.

2.Because of Covid-19 we think it will be wise to postpone Homecoming from August to late September. This will put it nearer the date the church actually started.

3.Thank you for the preparation, cooking, and serving of the Law Enforcement meal. You were a vital part of our mission outreach to those who serve and protect us.

4. As we listened Sunday to the Quarterly Financial Report, I was so thankful for your faithful giving during this difficult time. You may have mailed your gifts, or you may have dropped them in the white bucket in the parking lot. It does not matter which method you used. The Lord was pleased. Remember, we give “through” a church, but we give “to” the Lord.

Expect God’s blessings this week!!

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter July 19th


Elijah was a prophet who saw miracles and who was mightily used by God. Yet, in 1st Kings 19:9-18 we see Elijah hiding in a cave complaining to the Lord, “I have been faithful to serve You, the authorities are seeking to kill me, and I am the only True Believer left”.

Have you ever felt that way? All around you see ungodliness, evil, and hate flourish. Real Bible believing Christians are ridiculed and ostracized. In addition, Covid-19 has many of us experiencing isolation and loneliness. Maybe that describes you. It is so easy to develop a “cave mentality”.

That is why the Bible always has good news. The Lord tells Elijah, “You are not going to die, I have essential ministry for you in the future, and by the way, I have 7000 who have not bowed the knee to Baal. You are not alone”.

Elijah trained Elisha as the prophet who would take his place. Elisha also had an experience that should be an encouragement to all of us. [2nd Kings 6:8-23] The army of Syria wanted to destroy Elisha and surrounded the city where he was. The prophet’s servant saw this great army circling the city and cried out in fear. He was quaking in his boots. Elisha told him, “Do not be afraid.. There are more with us than with them”. He then asked the Lord to open the servant’s eyes to see spiritual reality. Suddenly, the servant could see that the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire around Elisha.

Friends, this is not the time to fear. First, you have Christian brothers and sisters around the world who love you, believe in God like you believe, and are standing with you as fellow soldiers in God’s mighty army. Secondly, you have your personal angel and a host of other angels ministering to you and for you. If we could just see into the spirit realm and recognize these powerful warriors, we would be thrilled, encouraged, and blessed. They are there with you even if you never see them. Meditate on Romans 8:31 “If God is for us, who can stand against us?”

As we continue this Covid-19 journey, let us make a special effort this week to share the love of Christ every opportunity we have.”Social distancing” may prevent a hug in person, but we can share a Christian hug with our words.


1.Parking lot services will be held this week at 9:00 am.

2. Website service will also be available.

3. Quarterly Church Conference July 19 [Two constitutional amendments are being proposed–see last newsletter]

God loves you, He really does!!!!

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter July 12th


When I analyze what I have written and preached the past few weeks, I realize that I keep returning to the desperate need for us to be spending quality and quantity time praying for our nation.

By this time someone may be thinking “I’m tired of hearing it. Get off my back”. Another may think, “Why bother. Our prayers will not make any difference”, Some of us may think, I know I need to be in prayer and I plan to do it”. Yet, we continue to allow the devil to convince us to delay getting started. Finally, there are those who have begun to pray earnestly.

God tells us, “The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much”[James 5:16]. Since God cannot and will not lie, real prayer is a powerful force in our world.

Let me give you a historical example that you will not hear on the evening news. John Lake was a powerfully used man of God in the early 1900s. Some of that time he was a missionary church planter in South Africa. He tells of a time when a devastating fever plague hit that area. In one month one-fourth of the population [both white and black] died. Can you imagine 15000 people dying in Stanly County in a month? Can you stretch your mind to think of two and a half million dying in North Carolina in one month? They would go into homes and find entire families deceased. Digging graves and burying the dead was an overwhelming task. John Lake took over leading the burial details.

Meanwhile, a real prayer warrior climbed under a thorn tree and began to call out to the Lord for deliverance. He prayed for days. Each day John Lake would take his friend a plate of food and rouse him long enough to eat a few bites. One day he told Brother Lake, “I believe that today if I had some help we could have a breakthrough”. Lake went to his knees and joined in prayer.

Presently, Dr. Lake became aware that he was out from under the thorn tree and was about 100 feet away. His spiritual eyes were opened and he saw a multitude of demons like a flock of sheep. Suddenly, his friend rushed past him cursing the demons in the Name of Jesus, ordering them to go back to hell or wherever they originated.


Believing prayer made the difference. Since God is “No respecter of persons” [Acts 10:34] what He did then He is willing to do now. I believe that our generation of Believers has some real prayer warriors who will be faithful to call out to the Lord. God is waiting. As we pray, expect powerful answers!



1. 9:00 am-New time for our Sunday “Parking Lot’ service. Should be cooler.

2. Remember that we need cakes for the 18th meal for law enforcement.

3.Thanks so much to Erin and Grant Hartsell and those who helped prepare the wonderful VBS materials.

4. Quarterly Church Conference Sunday July 19

Two proposed Constitutional amendments

a. Set the percent needed to call a pastor at 75%

b. Cease sending flowers for hospitalizations and at time of death.


Have a blessed week. Draw near to Jesus!

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church.

Newsletter July 5th


As you know, I love going to the local farmers markets to buy fresh from the garden produce. A couple of weeks ago, one of the farmers had the first okra I had seen. He had about 3 pounds. I did not want to be greedy, so I only bought part of what he had. My sweet wife loves fresh okra so when she looked in the bag she squealed with delight. Then, the first words that popped out of her mouth were, “Is this all you bought”? Of course she was teasing. Today I went back and he had another 3 pounds. He wanted to sell it all to me. I bought it all. Nothing like having a happy wife. 

How does this apply spiritually? Remember the old hair product Brylcreem and its slogan, “A little dab will do you”? When it comes to their walk with God some folks are satisfied with a partially filled bag or a little dab. They are satisfied to have enough of Jesus to be saved and to make it into Heaven as the Pearly Gate slams shut behind them. We definitely want to be saved, but there is so much more the Lord longs to share with us before we get to Heaven. There is an abundance of spiritual gifts, fillings of the Holy Spirit, blessings, and answered prayers that are available to the Believer who wants more of Jesus 

Ezekiel 47:1-12 is an interesting passage of Scripture. It tells of a river that issues from the Lord. He tells of being ankle deep, then up to the loins, and then the river became so deep that there was enough water to swim. The river was a healing flow and was filled with fish. I think God is telling us that we can go as deep with Him as we desire. We can be satisfied to wade ankle-deep or we can swim. The choice is yours and mine.

 I challenge you to never become satisfied with where you are in your walk with the Lord. Want more than a little bag, or a “dab”. Grow daily .Study God’s Word. Believe God’s Word. Live God’s Word. The deeper you go with Him, the more exciting your faith will be, and the more real and personal Jesus will be to you.



1. Quarterly Church Conference July 19 [Third Sunday]

2. VBS Drive Through

Sunday July 5 [4:00-6:00 pm.]

Drive up and receive your packet of VBS materials to take home and study. Lessons, crafts, and snacks are included. Packets are for all ages, including Adults.

3. Law enforcement officers have taken a beating lately. We at Barbee’s Grove want to show our appreciation to our local officers. Saturday, July 18, we will be providing a meal for the Oakboro Police Department, the Stanly County Sheriff’s Department and the local Highway Patrol. We plan on 130 plates. We will need some of you to provide cakes for this meal. Thanks for volunteering! This will be a “Drive Through” and take to go meal.

 Have a wonderful week as you celebrate the birth of our nation.

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter June 28th


In one of our “parking lot” services, I mentioned the question folks are asking: “When will things get back to normal”? By normal, I think we are
thinking of how things were a year ago, before the riots and Covid-19.  Unfortunately, I think the answer is one word “Never”.We have turned a corner and America will have revival or chaos. The hearts of men must be changed by the Prince of Peace, or we will eventually perish. The devil is at work, confusing the minds and wills of so many. Only the power and presence of God can make a difference.

Instead of watching the news and becoming discouraged, let look to Jesus and ask for Him to revive our nation.

The devil would like for Believers to give up and quit. He wants us to “throw in the towel” and let him have our land. Brothers and Sisters, we
need to be especially thoughtful of Paul’s admonition to the Galatians [6:9] “Let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we will reap
if we faint not”.

Also, be mindful of the attitude of Habakkuk: “Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines, the labor of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stall, YET, I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation.” [3:17,18]

Friends, even if things change slowly, continue to be faithful and to spend time in talking with your Lord. Continue to praise the Lord with expectancy, knowing that He is on His throne.

Think of this: a fly can be hatched in less than a week and lives less than a month. It takes 19 months for an elephant to be born. They live up to 70 years. We are believing for an elephant size revival in America. We are asking our Lord to send a huge move of God that doesn’t die away in a few weeks but lasts for generations.

Habakkuk also goes on to affirm: ” The Lord is my strength and He will make my feet like hind’s feet, and He will make me to walk upon mine high places”. Keep trusting in Jesus and He will have you and our nation walking upon our own “high places”. God has some spiritual heights that are specifically and especially reserved for you. The anticipation of walking with Jesus on the mountain tops ought to be  sufficient motivation to set us on fire spiritually.

Back to “normal” does not look as good to me as does the manifested presence of Jesus in genuine earth shaking revival. Let us seek Jesus with all that we are and have!!!!


1. We missed seeing you this past Sunday. Even though we were not together, God was continuing to work in many hearts and lives. It is amazing how God can take a bad situation and use it for His glory.

2. We plan to meet in the parking lot  gain this Sunday. Since the Governor has  mandated masks everywhere people are in public, we are assuming that you will want to wear your own mask.

3. Continue to pray and to call each other. Some are hurting physically, others emotionally, financially, and spiritually. Your contact could lift someone’s spirits today. I have done some of that and realize I should be doing more. I apologize if I have not been in touch with you as often as I should have done

We love you as our special fellow  soldiers in the Lord’s army.

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church.

Newsletter June 21st


There are three places in the Barbee’s Grove building where a person can get a cool drink of bottled water. I have seen kids at the fountain who
were so small that they needed help holding their cup. I have seen Senior Adults there as well. This water is available to all who pass
those fountains. Members, visitors, workmen, can all partake. The water has been provided and is free to all who want it.

The New Testament has much to say about water. In John 4:5-26 we read of an encounter Jesus had with a woman at a well in Samaria. Jesus told her “Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.”Jesus offered this living water to a woman who was not a Jew and who was living immorally. That is good news!. It means this water is available to anyone, no matter who they are or what they have done.

The Book of Revelation shows the many disasters and troubles of the end of the age. After letting us see such evil and destruction Jesus gives
us an offer of a better life. In Chapter 22 He pictures “…a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal…”.Later in the chapter we have this
offer “And the Spirit and the Bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say ,Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him
take of the water of life freely”.

What good news this is. The water of life is offered freely to all who are thirsty. I pray that you have taken a big drink of Jesus, the WATER
OF LIFE. If not, would you do so today?  In John 7:37-39 Jesus makes the same offer. “If any man thirst, let him come to me and drink. He that believeth on me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.”. The next verse explains that this last offer refers to the Holy Spirit. Those who seek and ask to be Spirit-filled have not only water for themselves but have so much that it spills out of them to bring refreshment to others.  How wonderful, to have our thirst quenched, and to then bless others.  How full of the Spirit are you?


As we celebrate Fathers Day

1 Honor your father if he is living

2. If he has passed away, be thankful for the good things he imparted into your life

3. Spend time with your Heavenly Father in worship, praise, and thanksgiving.

Have a God Blessed week.

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church


Newsletter June 14th


Are you eating the crumbs on the floor or eating from a full plate at the table?
That is an interesting question is it not? Let’s talk about it. I grew up in a home that placed a high priority on food. Our clothes may have been outdated, and our car may have been an old model, but there was always an abundance of food on the table. When they called me to Sunday Dinner I never once thought of sitting on the floor and hoping somebody would drop a few crumbs on the floor. I was a “son”, a member
of the family. I sat at the table and filled my plate. Usually, I had seconds and often a third helping. That was my privilege as a family member.
In Matthew 15:21-28 we read of a woman who was okay with getting the crumbs off the table. She was not a Jew and had no covenant rights. But, she had an ill daughter and she pleaded with Jesus to give her the crumbs off the Jewish table. Because of her faith, Jesus healed her
I have a concern that too many of us are settling for crumbs when we could have a full plate. Think of the promises of God—-salvation, fulness of the Spirit, healing, financial blessing, answered prayer, peace, direction for daily life, annointing for ministry, and so many other blessings. All are on the table. Yet, how few of us partake. The devil has convinced us that we are unworthy, that these promises are not for us, or has given some other lie to discourage us from sitting at our Father’s table. We go through life satisfied with crumbs when we could have a full plate.
Let me ask a simple question—are you a child of God, are you born again? If the answer is “yes”, then you are entitled to everything God
promises. Sit proudly at your Father’s table and ask for anything on the menu. God is waiting to pass those dishes to you.

1.We have not mentioned the Food Drive for the Baptist Children’s Homes in weeks. You have continued to give. The last check we sent brought our total gift to $4000. Wow! God says, “You do it unto one of the least of these and you do it unto me”. Expect a blessing.
2.We welcome Mrs. Rozena Tucker into our fellowship. She joins us by transfer of letter. It is always a joy when the Lord brings new people
into our church.
3. It was a privilege to honor Michael Barbee this past Sunday. He is our High School graduate for the year.Michael is a super young man.
4. Website services and a 10:00 parking lot service on Sunday are our weekend schedule.
5. Pray for our nation!!! We must have a fresh move of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord is still on the throne!!!!
Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church.

Newsletter June 7th


Several years ago one of my friends told me about a bad mistake he made.  He said that he pulled up to the gas pumps and forgot which vehicle he was driving. He proceeded to pump gallons of the wrong fuel into the tank. I have forgotten whether it was gas instead of diesel or the other
way around. He was looking at serious engine trouble. Fortunately, the Lord made him aware of what he had done before he turned the key. He had the truck towed, the tank pumped, and came out okay. The wrong fuel can cause problems in a vehicle, in your physical body, or in your
spirit.Put the wrong things in and you get trouble. That is why Jesus tells us to “Take heed WHAT you hear…” [Mark 4:24] and “Take heed HOW you hear…” [Luke 8:18]. James 1:22,23 teaches us to be a DOER of the Word and not just a HEARER.  What food or fuel are you feeding your spirit? That will determine the type of person you become and your ability to live a Godly life in good times and bad. Do you hang around with folks who are negative, critical, gossipy, and have evil in their talk. Do you read and listen to material that is filled  with doubt and unbelief? Is there anything vulgar that goes into your spirit?
Do you you listen to people who speak, faith, belief, peace, joy, love, purity, and who are walking with the Lord? Are you reading and listening
to that which is uplifting and wholesome? We have the God-given right to choose how we feed our spirit. Jesus tells us that if we want positive results we need to wisely choose.  Friends, I urge you to choose the fuel that is approved of God. In the world we now inhabit, we must be spiritually strong in order to survive.

1. Thank you for your continued support of Barbee’s Grove. Whether you mail your gifts or put them in the white bucket in the parking lot, they
are appreciated. Your gifts and tithes are honoring to our Lord and will receive His blessing.
2. We will continue with the website service and the 10:00 am parking lot service for another week or so. The Deacons are discussing our options for getting back into the building and hope to have an announcement soon.
3. We will have our Quarterly Church Conference this Sunday [June 7], weather permitting.
4. Attendance at the parking lot services has been great. We appreciate the Lord for giving good weather and you for ignoring the gnats and
patiently worshiping with us. We totally and completely understand that there are some of you who have physical issues that prevent you from
attending. We miss you. However, we would NEVER want you to do anything that would jeopardize your health. It is far more important to have you with us for years to come than to have you attend a service and then leave us prematurely. It is better to err on the side of caution. Know
that you are loved and that we will see you when it is safe

God is on our side. With Him for us, no one can stand against us.
Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church.

Newsletter May 31st


Since we just honored our veterans by celebrating Memorial Day, I thought that you might be challenged by this article I wrote several
years ago.
“Political Correctness” is putting a damper on it, but for years across the East and South, there were a number of people with the hobby of
Civil War re-enactment. On specified weekends, these folks gathered at the sites of Civil War battlefields. They dressed in the grey of Johnny
Reb or the blue of Billy Yank. Their uniforms, food, and weaponry were as close as possible to that which would have been available in 1860.
These folks then re-enacted battles of long ago. When the weekend was over, no ground was actually gained or lost. The only danger was rain,
or sunburn, or perhaps , some old codger pulling a hamstring running up a hill. When the weekend was over, it had been lots of fun and everyone
had a jolly good time. But, had anything changed? NO
Compare that with the soldier who waded ashore on D Day and then fought his way acre by acre across France and into Germany. That soldier knew hardship, danger, and faced death daily. The German army gave up ground grudgingly. However, at last, a costly, but real victory was won over an evil enemy. Which of the above descriptions best fit our personal lives as Christians and which best fits the reality of the church we attend? We have our churches, our Bibles, our religious talk. It is all authentic.  However, daily and weekly, do we just re-enact the battles our
forefathers fought? Is any real spiritual territory gained? When our weekends are over, what difference have we made? Are we much of a threat
to Satan’s evil empire? Is our major battle over who has the most authentic uniforms [music, Bible translation,etc.]?Could the question an
evil spirit asked some re-enacters in Acts 19:15 be asked of us, “Jesus I know and Paul I know, but who are you”?
Are we known in Hell because of the trouble we cause the devil? Are we true soldiers of Jesus? A true soldier engages in spiritual warfare.. He
knows there is a real enemy and will make any sacrifice , including a willingness to die for Jesus.Fasting, prayer, sacrificial giving, living
a pure life, forgiving others quickly, are all characteristics of a true soldier of Jesus. The soldier is prepared to expect attacks from the
enemy. However, he does not live in fear but in praise because he knows he serves the Victor, the One who Is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.His
motto comes from that old hymn “Am I a Soldier of the Cross?”
“Must I be carried to the skies
on flowery beds of ease,
While others fought to win the prize
and sailed thro’ bloody seas?
Sure I must fight if I would reign
Increase my courage Lord
I’ll bear the toil; endure the pain
Supported by Thy Word.

Let us be honest with ourselves—Are we re-enacting or are we doing spiritual warfare and making a profound difference in our world? What
changes happen in our world because we meet each Sunday?

1. Let us remember to pray for Angie Barbee and her family. Her Mother, Mrs. Janis Good passed away this week.
2. Weather permitting, we will have our Quarterly Church Conference on Sunday, June 7.
3. If you wish to send cards
Ronald McDonald House
Bryson Martin Family
Room   18
535 Alabama Ave.
Memphis TN  38105

Be blessed
Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter May 24th


As part of our outside decor, my sweet wife has placed a series of solar lights down the walk leading to our driveway. One night recently, I was
up at midnight. It was very dark and “raining cats and dogs”. It was miserable weather. Yet, shining brightly down the walk were those little
solar lights. How did they do that? It was easy. They had been soaking up the sun so that when it got dark, they could still shine. They were
not the sun but were radiating the light they received from the sun.

From time-to-time our world grows dark. Sometimes it is darker than at other times. The days we are now experiencing are some of the darkest
hours in recent history. However, I have friends all over the world who are like those little solar lights. Some are ministers and missionaries.
Others are teachers, mechanics, Wal-Mart employees, nurses and doctors.  All walks of life are represented. The situation is dark, but they are
shining brightly. They shine as lights in their own homes, the churches they faithfully attend, at work, and when they are out in the community.
Calls, texts, emails, personal encounters, and every other manner of contact find them showing forth light, joy, peace, and contentment. How
do they do that? They have been spending plenty of time with the SON. Jesus Christ, the SON OF GOD, is the Light of the world [see John 1]. We
are not Jesus. However, those who spend quality and quantity time in the presence of the SON begin to absorb His light and are then able to
radiate that light to a dark and miserable world.

I get joy in my heart and a smile on my face whenever I think about these who radiate the SON, Jesus. They are a special part of God’s
family and are my wonderful friends and fellow Believers.

Remember, when Moses spent time in the presence of God, he had to put a veil upon his face when he came back into the presence of the Children of Israel. Today, no veil is required. We let the glory of the Lord shine forth.

I pray that this time of staying at home has allowed you to spend extra time in the presence of the SON. Now, as we venture out and as business
reopens, may the glory of God shine from you to those still living in darkness.


1. Mrs. Ruth Whitley passed away this week. Please remember her family in your prayers.

2.If you are graduating this year, please give your name to Brenda Burris. We want to honor you at a future service.

3.The Outdoor Service on the 17th was great and well attended. We are planning the same type service for the 24th. Join us if you are able.

4. There will still be a special service on the website for those who cannot attend in person.

Be blessed of the Lord this week!!!

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter May 17th


If I asked you,”Is the Bible the Word of God? Is the Bible true? Do you personally believe the Bible?, what would you say? Most of you would
answer “yes” to all three questions. But, deep down in our hearts do we really believe the truth of the Bible? Let us test the strength of that

Proverbs 4:20-22 says, “My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the
midst of thy heart. For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh”.

The word “health” can also be translated “medicine”. God says that His Word is medicine to all our flesh—not spirit, but “flesh”. If we
believe God said what He meant and meant what He said, is it not in our best interest to be diligently studying the Bible to discover God’s
medicine? There are dozens of verses in the Bible that mention healing.  How many do you know? How many do you believe? How many do you confess as true in your own life?

True confession comes as the Word is “engrafted” in your spirit. [James 1:21] When God’s Word goes from “head” knowledge to “heart” knowledge
deep down in our innermost being, then we can have a powerful confession.

If you went to a medical doctor and he told you, “I have good news and bad news for you: the bad news is that you have a very serious medical
condition that could be fatal. The good news is that we have a medicine that will cure you”. Would you have the prescription filled at the
pharmacy? Would you take the medicine home and take the prescribed dosage? Or, would you ignore a chance to be well? Is it not the same
with what God promises?

There is a minister that I greatly admire and respect. I believe that he and his wife truly walk with the Lord and hear from Him. Numerous times
over the past ten years, I have heard this minister say something like this: “I believe the Lord has shown me that in these last days before
the return of Christ, there will be viruses and other medical pandemics which will overwhelm the medical establishment. People will panic
because there are no easy or quick cures. Only those who know their Bibles and who walk in the truth of God’s Word will have hope. In fact,
the unsaved world will come knocking at the church doors, saying ‘Help us’ “. When I first heard this minister friend say those words ten years
ago, we had never heard of the Coronavirus. If what we are now experiencing is the beginning of what will continue to occur before
Jesus returns, then I want to be busily studying the Word of God in order to load up on God’s Medicine.



1. The total given for the Food Drive for the NC Baptist Children’s Homes was $2600. This came from the Benevolence Fund, the Baptist Men,
the Baptist Women, and your personal gifts. THANK YOU!. You have made a difference in the lives of hurting children

2. This Sunday [May 17] we will have our first service at the church.  10:00 am. Outside. You might want to bring a lawn chair and your mask.

3. We are still taping a service for those who cannot make it to the service at the church. Check the website.

Love in Jesus

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church


Newsletter May 10th


Some folks seldom, or never, read their Bible. As a result, they miss many of God’s blessings. People also miss those blessings if they read a
Bible passage but overlook the truth the Lord is teaching. Let’s examine one of those blessings this week.

Have you ever thought: When I get to Heaven, I want to see Jesus first, family and friends second, and then I want to spend time with those
saints of old—Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc.? You anticipate hearing how God used them in prophecy, miracle working, and ministry. After all,
these are your heroes. However, do you realize that it is going to be just the opposite? Those Old Testament saints are waiting to interview
YOU. I see “the wheels turning” in your minds. “Ed, what do you mean when you say that those saints of old are waiting to question me?” Let
me point you to something Jesus Himself said. Did you miss it? Get out your Bible and read Luke 7:28. “For I say unto you, among those born of
women, there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist; but he that is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.” In the sales world,
sometimes products are rated as the “good” model, the “better” model, and the “best” model. Jesus tells us that the Old Testament prophets
were “good”. John the Baptist was “better” than any of them. BUT, the least, most insignificant Christian is “best”, the “top of the line
Model”. You, as a Believer in Jesus are superior to John and to all those prophets. Wow!! What a revelation. How can that be?

In Old Testament times, even those who followed the Lord closely were “natural” men. They were not “born again”. We read that from
time-to-time, the Spirit of God would “come upon” certain individuals to inspire them to do the work of God. At other times, they had no presence
of the power of God. Christian Believers, on the other hand, are “born again” [John 3:3], “new creations in Christ” [2 Corinthians 5:17], “are
continually indwelt by the presence of the Living God” [John 14:16,17] and have “Christ in them as the hope of glory” [Colossians 1:27].

Those Old Testament saints will be saying to us “We had to face war, disease, and pestilence without the presence of God in our daily lives.
It was different for you. How was it to deal with the coronavirus and other troubles with the Living God inside of you? Surely, that must have
been an awesome experience. We wish that we could have had what you had.”

Dear friends, no generation in history prior to the Day of Pentecost, has had what you and I have. As followers of Jesus, we have His Life in
our lives, His power in us, His love filling us, and His glory all around 24/7.Those Old Testament saints are envious of you. We “fight the
good fight of faith” and win; not because of who we are, but because of WHO lives in us.

Rejoice! Praise the Lord! Be thankful! Live with that Glorious Jesus controlling, leading, and blessing your life. Hallelujah!


1. With restrictions easing, perhaps we will soon be seeing each other in person. We will inform you of WHEN, and under WHAT CONDITIONS as soon as we know them.

2.Let me thank you for continuing to contribute your Tithes and Offerings. Mowing, electricity, mission giving, and many other reasons
are our motivation for giving. However, our greatest motivation is that we love Jesus.

We love you!

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter May 3rd


This week I had mentally written three different Newsletters. I just could not decide which one to use. Then, suddenly, the Holy Spirit
pointed me in a totally different direction. I love it when He does that because I know He has someone in mind who needs to hear that particular
message. Maybe you are that person this week.

The Spirit pointed me to Isaiah 40:31 “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength;, they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint”.

That is such a precious Word for the hour you and I now experience.  “Wait” can have at least two meanings. 1. Wait, can mean that joyful
anticipation we have of: a special loved one coming to see us, or a special day such as our 16th birthday and a drivers license, or the
wonders of Christmas morning.. 2. Wait can also paint the picture of a waiter or waitress. A person who is good at that job pays very close
attention to the needs and desires of the people at their assigned table. Thus, when we are told to “wait” upon the Lord it means that we
are to pay extra special attention to Him, be obedient to His directions for our lives, and to anticipate that out of this wonderful time with
our Savior will come many exciting blessings.

Notice what we are promised in Isaiah

1. Renewed strength—Whatever it is you need, physical, mental, emotional, strength, God will give it to you.

2. Mount up on wings as eagles—You soar closer to your Lord and you soar above the problems, trials, and tribulations of the world. The
higher you soar and the closer you draw near to Heaven, the smaller the troubles of the world look.

3. Run and not be weary—

4.  Walk and not faint—Every day you run your race of life. You walk the paths that are laid out for you. Job, family, the devil’s attacks,
the list of things that tax your energy and threaten to overwhelm you are many.

HOWEVER, because you have been “waiting” upon the Lord, you are an over-comer.!!! God empowers you to live each day in power and victory.
It is His majestic might and glory so He gets the credit and honor. BUT, it is you who enjoys the benefit of that relationship you have with

This verse from Isaiah has been made into a praise chorus. {If I tried to sing it for you your computer might explode in laughter}. After
singing the verse as it is written, this is added :”Teach me Lord, teach me Lord, to wait”.

This week, I encourage you to spend extra time “waiting upon the Lord”.  You will be blessed as you do so!!! Your Heavenly Father’s arms are open
wide as He says to you, “Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”. Matthew 11:28


1. Thank you for continuing to serve the Lord with your tithes and offerings. You are making a difference in the mission and ministry of
Barbee’s Grove.

2. Continue to pray, call, write, and minister to one another.

3. Let your Deacon know if we can be of help.

4. Thank you for your kind words concerning this Newsletter. It is my honor from the Lord to be able to write you each week

5. As the Lord leads, pray for us about 1:00 pm each Saturday. That is when we gather to tape the service for the next day.

Brothers and Sisters in Jesus, we love you

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church.


Newsletter April 26


When we first heard about the corona virus I preached a sermon on “The sky is falling”. I had no idea then how prophetic that message would be.

I try to watch and read only a little bit of news. What I do understand can lead to fear, misunderstanding and confusion. You know how it goes:
“Take this, it will help, no do not take it”; “Wear a mask, no a mask is not needed”;Restart the economy, no it is too early to restart”; We have
passed the peak, no the peak is still ahead of us”;”If you think it is bad now just wait” etc. Then watch the Stock Market—up hundreds of
points one day and down hundreds the next. Our world thinks “the sky is falling”.

I believe that there are two reasons the Lord has led me to write and preach themes of peace and victory this past month.

1. Our Father God loves us and wants us to be assured that we can live in peace, joy, and victory in a troubled world. I am as human as you
are. The devil wants us to live in fear and dread. Several times a day he rings the doorbell of my mind and gives me a reason to be afraid. I
have to go to the door, tell him he is not welcome. Then when I begin to sing “Victory in Jesus” the devil jumps off my porch and leaves me alone
for a time. When he returns, I start singing again. You can do the same!!

2. Our Lord wants us to be a positive witness to each other, the unsaved world, and to our weaker spiritual brothers and sisters. Remember, Jesus
teaches in Matthew 5 that we are “salt and light” and as others study our lives they see something so wonderful in us that they “glorify our
Father in Heaven”.. Isaiah 35:3 tells us to “Strengthen the weak hands and confirm the feeble knees”. In fact, that entire chapter of Isaiah is
worth your time to study. It tells of joy and victory. Also, David, as a shepherd boy, learned that he “could walk through the valley of the
shadow of death and fear no evil”. [Psalm 23] Why could David say that?  Because he knew that God was with him to protect and to comfort. David’s Lord is your Lord if you believe in Jesus.


1. Continue to pray for our church.

2. Thank you for your tithes and offerings and your special mission gifts. You are making a significant difference in the lives of the children at our N.C. Baptist Children’s Homes.

3. Continue to pray for those on the front lines in the medical profession as they deal with this disease. Remember, there are those in our on church who fight this battle every day.

4. We continue to be thankful for those who come each week to tape our services for the website. Let them know you appreciate their labor of

5.Would you join me again this Wednesday [29th] at 7:00 pm for a time of prayer? Paul tells a church that he is “with them in spirit”. In the
spiritual realm our spirits can be joined as one spirit even though we are miles apart. If you are praying with others, I recommend
“conversational prayer”. As the Lord leads, each of you prays about a need and then you move on to the next need. Pamela and I enjoy doing
this when we pray together.

Be especially blessed of the Lord this week. He is “King of Kings and Lord of Lords”

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church


Newsletter April 19


Pamela and I have a friend in the mountains named Della. Recently, Della posted something on Facebook that the Lord used to inspire the article
that follows.

Read Exodus 20:1-7. Let me quote three phrases from those verses: “I am the Lord thy God’,” Thou shalt have no other gods before Me”, “I, the
Lord thy God am a jealous God”.  The Lord makes it plain that He is NUMBER ONE and we need to believe it. Has it been that way? What is the

1. We worshiped sports and athletes. Now there are no sports.

2. We worshiped money. Yet we have learned that millions in investments could quickly disappear.

3.We worshiped movie stars and musicians. Now theaters and concert halls are closed.

4.We worshiped education. Now many schools are closed.

5. We worshiped freedom. Now we are told to stay at home.

6. Some worshiped their local church. Now those churches are empty.  Others who said they were believers shunned the church. Now they could
not go even if it was their desire to attend.  Is it not interesting that so much of what we have worshiped has been taken away from us?

GOD DID NOT SEND THE CORONA VIRUS TO PUNISH US FOR OUR IDOLATRY!! This evil comes from the devil. James 1:7 says, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above”. John 10:10 tells us that “The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy but that Jesus comes to give abundant life”.  Always remember:,If it is good, it comes from God: if it is bad, it comes from the devil.

God has used what the devil meant for evil to remind us that He is the only One worthy of worship. May we turn back to our Lord in repentance
and commitment.


1.We thank Brenda, Tonda, Leonard, and Wes for preparing our special Easter Service. It was a blessing. Beginning this week, we will have a
fresh service on the website each week. Invite others to join in hearing the service with you.

2.The regular Quarterly Conference has been postponed until we are meeting regularly.

3. Our planned Week of Prayer had to be canceled. However, we invite each of you to join us in a time of prayer this Wednesday, April 22 at
7:00 pm. Pray alone or with your family. It could be a wonderful teaching time for your kids. Remember it is the same distance to Heaven
from your house and from my house. Pray for our church, pray for our nation, pray for those on the front lines dealing with this virus, pray
for revival, and pray for others the Lord brings to mind.

4. Now, what about that Stimulus check? For some of you it will be a lifesaver. You are out of work and need money to pay bills and to buy
food for your family. Be blessed with this money. Others of us have been doing well without that check. Suddenly we have extra money in our
account. What a great time to use a chunk of that money to bless our church and to meet needs of others. For example, our NC Baptist
Children’s Homes had to cancel their Spring Food Drive. They could use a gift at this time. If you put “Food Drive” on the envelope you mail to
the church, your money will be sent in Barbee’s Grove’s name. Perhaps you know of other needs or ministries that could use a special gift.
There is fun and joy in being able to generously give extra money to the Lord’s work. As the Good News of Jesus goes out on social media and as
extra money is given for the Lord’s causes, I think that the devil is probably sorry that he ever thought to inflict the corona virus upon our

Have a blessed week!

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church


Easter Newsletter April 12


Let us continue our thoughts from last week and see if we can give you some reasons to wake on Easter morning [and every other morning]
shouting “Glory to God, Hallelujah, Thank You Jesus, Praise the Lord”.

Two boxers enter the ring. Round after round they stand toe to toe, exchanging blows. It is a fearsome fight. There is no clear winner. The
three ringside judges confer, and the announcer says “It is a split decision. Boxer A has been declared the winner by a split decision.”

All over the world, millions of people think that Jehovah God and the devil are so evenly matched that the final outcome of world domination
is in doubt. Sadly, many Christians feel the same way, especially when it comes to the devil’s control in their everyday lives.

However, when we understand the true story, we will change our way of thinking. Here is the “real truth”. As we mentioned last week, in eons
past, the devil challenged Almighty God to a bout. The stakes were huge. It was “winner take all” for control of the universe.

They stepped into the ring. The bell rang. In a nanosecond, before the devil could even put up his fists, God by the Word of His Power, hit the
devil so hard that He knocked him out of the ring, out of the arena, out of the Kingdom {Heaven]! One mighty blow and the devil was vanquished!

Isaiah 14:12 says: “How art thou fallen from Heaven O Lucifer, son of the morning”. Jesus said:  “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from Heaven”. Luke 10:18

One punch from God and the devil flew backward out of Heaven like a bolt of lightning. No doubt about the winner of that battle!!!

About 2000 years ago there seemed to be a rematch on Calvary outside of Jerusalem. Strangely, this time, Jesus did not lift a hand. He stood,
arms at His side, as He absorbed blow after blow from the devil. Satan and his forces danced in glee as Jesus died.

What was happening? How do we explain it? Isaiah helps us to understand [53:5] “He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed”

Jesus took those blows in order that our sin might be forgiven, that we might have peace with God, that our needs could be met, and that we
could be healed of our disease. Jesus put up no defense and took all that punishment so that all who believe by faith could be blessed.

Ah! But the bout was not over! The devil was about to get the shock of his life. As Paul states it in 1 Corinthians 2:8 “Which none of the
princes of this world knew; for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory”.

On Easter morning, Holy Spirit stepped back into the ring and delivered the devil a crushing, devastating blow. Paul reminds us in Colossians
2:15 “Having spoiled principalities and powers, He made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it.” Hebrews 2:14 puts it this way
“….that through death He might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil”.

Once again, the devil was crushed!!!

Where does that leave you, Believer in Jesus?

You step into your corner of the ring. There is no need to be timid. In the other corner lies the devil, crushed, humiliated, defeated. You
remove the hood and robe that kept your identity hidden. The devil begins to tremble. He moans, Oh No, there is another one of those Spirit
Filled Believers in Christ who knows the truth of 1 John 4:4 “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world”. If the Holy Spirit
lives big in you, the devil immediately recognizes Him in you.

At that moment, the devil realizes that the same Awesome God who previously has defeated him, resides in you. He knows that his only
chance to defeat you is to use his loud mouth to confuse, or to bring doubt or fear.

Since we know that Jesus has already given us “power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy” [Luke
10:19], we can resist all of the devil’s ploys and we can walk in joy, health, freedom, forgiveness, and victory!!

The devil was loser of Round 1. He was defeated then! He is defeated now! He is defeated forever!

Almighty God was! is! and always will be! The Victor!! There is no doubt about the present or final outcome. Total and complete victory for “The
King of Kings and The Lord of Lords”.

As a Spirit filled Believer in Jesus, rejoice in that victory and live it in your own life on a daily basis. It is Easter. Let us give our LORD
a shout of praise!

Blessings in Jesus

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter April 5


The Apostle Paul would not be amazed at the present world situation. In fact, the Holy Spirit inspired Paul to write:”But understand this, that in the last days will come [set in] perilous times of great stress and trouble [hard to deal with and hard to bear]”. 2 Timothy 3:1 God told us ahead of time that days like this were coming.

Jesus told us the exact same truth. In Matthew 24 Jesus tells of wars, pestilences, etc. that will come at the end of the age. Is that not what we are presently experiencing? In the context of that warning, Jesus says,”see that ye be not troubled”. Jesus is telling us that we get to choose. Believers can walk in faith and victory and not in fear.  Remember an established Biblical truth: Faith activates the power of God in any and every situation. Fear opens the door for the devil to work.  As I mentioned in an earlier Newsletter: “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind”. 2 Timothy 1:7

There is also an interesting comment in 1 Chronicles 12:32 that speaks to our day. Throughout the chapter there is mention of several of the
tribes of Israel. The context is how big their armies are. But of Issachar it says: “They were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do” Evidently, there were some men in the tribe of Issachar who were walking so closely with the Lord that He had revealed to them His plan for the nation. Political leaders, scientists, medical personnel, are all scrambling to find solutions to our problem.  Now we need some men and women who are walking in a dynamic relationship with the Lord to hear from Heaven and to tell us what He says we ought to do!! God has the answer. Who is listening?

In the eons of time past, the devil grew proud and decided to replace Jehovah God on the throne of the universe. The devil lost that battle and has been losing ever since. He plans and schemes, thinking he is going to outwit God. Each time the Lord turns it around and God gets the victory and the glory. Hallelujah!!!

Listen to what our daughter, Sarah, wrote from Australia: “I believe with all my heart that we are living in the last days and seasons before the return of Christ. So many are anticipating great revival and the rapture of the church. This week, in connection with that, the massive flooding of God’s Word through the internet and social media that is happening in the midst of this international pandemic even more than ever before, has struck me….. And the significance of that in reaching our world both now and even after the rapture of the church. These are significant days in which we live!”

I agree with Sarah. Several times a day, Pamela comes to me with tears in her eyes and says: “Listen to what someone wrote on Facebook.” A few
of these writers are preachers. However, Most of them are just average Believers witnessing for their Lord. The devil thought he could close the churches and win the battle. Instead, normal Christians are being emboldened to share their faith, nominal Christians are being encouraged, backsliders are being challenged, and the unsaved are being bombarded with the wonderful news that Jesus is “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” and that He is marching on to victory! Praise His Name!

Additional News:

1. As you have heard, services at Barbee’s Grove have been canceled for April. You can always find messages on our website. Please listen.

2. A special Easter service will be aired on the website. Join us as we celebrate our Risen Lord.

3. As we move from March to April, let us remind you to continue to mail your Tithes and Offerings to P.O. Box 679, Oakboro NC 28129. Your gifts
are needed to keep our finances strong. Every gift brings praise to our Lord and causes the devil to groan in despair. Once again, Jesus wins and the devil loses.

Keep looking up. Jesus is coming soon!!!!

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church

Newsletter March 29


Which coat are you wearing today?

Each morning I get up and immediately have to decide what I will wear for the day. What type of pants are appropriate? Which shirt goes with
those pants? Do I add a tie? The choice is mine and mine alone. Unless you work in a job that requires a uniform, you also make the same
choices each day.  In our daily lives we choose what to wear each day. The same is true in our spiritual lives. Just at the moment you arise each morning the devil appears and says, “I have this nice coat for you. It has dreary, drab, dark colors. It is sewn from the fabrics of gloom, hopelessness, dread, and defeat. Best of all, it has Big pockets. All day long you can pick up new worries to put into those pockets. For example, you can put your worries about, ‘do I have enough toilet paper?, will I get this virus?, is my family safe?’ and anything else that you can dread. I like it when you wear this coat all day and sleep in it at night.”  On your other side, when you rise, is the Lord. He says,” I have a coat
that you can choose. It is the coat of praise. This coat is light and has glorious bright colors. It is sewn from the fabrics of peace, joy,
and the love of God. My coat also has pockets. The unique thing about these pockets is that they have holes in the bottom. Even if you pick up
a few worries during the day they slide out through the holes and are left in the path behind. You can sleep in this coat and awake rested and
at peace.”

In Isaiah 61:3 Jesus promises us that he can give us “the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness”. Personally, I much prefer that garment of praise!!.

How do we dress in this garment of praise?

1. Read or repeat praise Scriptures.

2. Sing praise choruses.

3. Sing hymns that emphasize the power and greatness of God—-such as, “How Great Thou Art”.

4. Express to the Lord thanksgiving and praise in your own words.

5. Instead of listening to the “gloom and doom” on TV all day, listen to worship music.

6. Continue to do 1-5 until you feel the heaviness lift and the joy comes.

7. Repeat as often as necessary.

In trying times like our present situation, it is so easy to fret and worry and to let fear rule our lives. Our Loving Lord wants us to live
above that fear. That is the reason He offers that wonderful garment of praise. Try it on for size. I guarantee it will fit and that you will
like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other thoughts this week:

1. Last week, I mentioned keeping in touch through modern technology. My sweet wife, Pamela, reminded me that old fashioned cards and letters
also work. After thinking about it, I think she has a great idea.  Something on paper can be reread time after time. Do you have someone
you can thank, remember, appreciate, with a written word this week? Do you know a waitress, or some other person who is struggling financially
because their workplace is closed? If the Lord leads you to do it, place some cash in your letter. It is even more fun when you can do it

2.I know folks all around the nation who are strong in their faith. A few Sundays away from church will not deter their walk with the Lord,
nor their giving of tithes and offerings. However, what about those who were “barely hanging on”? If you know of someone like that, please spend extra time in praying for them. Our prayers could make the difference in their future salvation or their future walk with God.

3. As soon as our Deacons make a decision about canceling or holding future services, you will receive a “One-Call” letting you know.

We really did miss getting to see you folks last week. Sunday is just not the same without that precious fellowship.

Be blessed in Jesus!

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove

Newsletter March 22


When the Apostle Paul was away from the people and fellow believers that he loved, he often wrote them letters. I do not begin to compare with
Paul. However, I do want to keep in touch. Therefore, you are receiving this letter [some in paper form and some by email]. I am very thankful
that I am writing from the comfort of my home and not from a prison cell as Paul so often had to do.
As you know by now, we have canceled all activities and services at Barbee’s Grove for the next two weeks [March 22 and 29]. We will
reevaluate the situation after that. Romans 13:1 says that we are to be “subject to the higher powers” [the government]. In obedience to the
call from State and Federal authorities to have no large group meetings, we have canceled. We know that you understand.
Let me add some practical ideas:
1. Our Deacons are here to serve. If you or someone you know has a need, please contact your Deacon.
2.Expenses, such as electricity and insurance will continue in spite of the services being canceled. If you wish to continue to give your tithes
and offerings weekly, you may mail them to the church at Box 679 Oakboro, NC 28129.It would be helpful if they were mailed near the
weekend in order that they could be picked up and deposited on Monday. Please do not mail cash.
3.This is a wonderful time to strengthen your family. Think of those “old time” pioneers in the mountains and out on the prairies. When there
was no church or preacher available, they gathered at home, read and discussed the Bible and joined in prayer. It can be a precious time of
family and spiritual growth. It could also be a time of ministry as you invite a lonely neighbor to join your family.
4.This is not a time for panic or fear. As Paul reminds us in 2 Timothy 1:7, “God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love,
and of a sound mind.” Fear is from the devil, not from God.   Resist the devil in the strong Name of Jesus and receive God’s peace. As
Believers in Jesus we walk in the blessings of our Lord, even when the world is in turmoil. Jesus is Lord!!!
5. You can find previous messages from past Barbee’s Grove services on our website You also may request CDs of past
services from your Deacon
6. There are some excellent ministers on TV and radio. Listen to one or more of them. If you hear something that you do not understand, make a
note of what was said and who said it. I will be happy to discuss your questions. You may have heard a new truth you never heard before, or you
could have heard someone who is in error. Let’s talk!
7. Stay in touch by telephone, email, text, and all those other technological advances that I do not begin to understand!!!
8. Spend much time in Prayer. Let us join in asking our Lord to bring genuine Holy Spirit revival to our nation and world. It becomes a time
of wonder and rejoicing when God takes what the devil meant for evil and turns it into a blessing. I am excited as I watch for our Lord to
glorify Himself and to bless us in the days that are coming. The Friday of the cross looked dark and hopeless. The Sunday of the resurrection
began a glorious day of joy, hope, salvation, and victory.  Jesus is still on the throne!!!

Be blessed of the Lord today Brothers and Sisters in the Lord
We love you in Jesus,
Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove