From our archives please enjoy a Sunday worship service originally recorded Oct 21, 2018

From our archives please enjoy a Sunday worship service originally recorded Nov 26, 2017


We believe the scripture of the Old and New Testaments to be the inspired Word of God. This is the word that we live by to rule our faith and practice. Our mission is to seek and minister to the lost, presenting to them the gospel that they may know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We assemble together to be led by the Holy Spirit in our worship.  We believe in promoting spiritual growth among new believers & maturing Christians and to encourage one another in Christian love. 


Sunday School begins at 10:00 AM followed by Worship Service at 11:00 AM. We also provide Children’s Worship Service every Sunday during our eleven o’clock worship hour. Wednesday night services are held at 6:30 PM. Please see the Weekly Schedule or Upcoming Events section for more information. We would love for you to come worship with us in the Lord’s house.

God Bless You!


Sunday, March 29th

All Services Cancelled

Wednesday, April 1st 

All Services Cancelled

Next Sunday, April 5th     

All Services TBD

Newsletter march 29


Which coat are you wearing today?

Each morning I get up and immediately have to decide what I will wear for the day. What type of pants are appropriate? Which shirt goes with
those pants? Do I add a tie? The choice is mine and mine alone. Unless you work in a job that requires a uniform, you also make the same
choices each day.  In our daily lives we choose what to wear each day. The same is true in our spiritual lives. Just at the moment you arise each morning the devil appears and says, “I have this nice coat for you. It has dreary, drab, dark colors. It is sewn from the fabrics of gloom, hopelessness, dread, and defeat. Best of all, it has Big pockets. All day long you can pick up new worries to put into those pockets. For example, you can put your worries about, ‘do I have enough toilet paper?, will I get this virus?, is my family safe?’ and anything else that you can dread. I like it when you wear this coat all day and sleep in it at night.”  On your other side, when you rise, is the Lord. He says,” I have a coat
that you can choose. It is the coat of praise. This coat is light and has glorious bright colors. It is sewn from the fabrics of peace, joy,
and the love of God. My coat also has pockets. The unique thing about these pockets is that they have holes in the bottom. Even if you pick up
a few worries during the day they slide out through the holes and are left in the path behind. You can sleep in this coat and awake rested and
at peace.”

In Isaiah 61:3 Jesus promises us that he can give us “the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness”. Personally, I much prefer that garment of praise!!.

How do we dress in this garment of praise?

1. Read or repeat praise Scriptures.

2. Sing praise choruses.

3. Sing hymns that emphasize the power and greatness of God—-such as, “How Great Thou Art”.

4. Express to the Lord thanksgiving and praise in your own words.

5. Instead of listening to the “gloom and doom” on TV all day, listen to worship music.

6. Continue to do 1-5 until you feel the heaviness lift and the joy comes.

7. Repeat as often as necessary.

In trying times like our present situation, it is so easy to fret and worry and to let fear rule our lives. Our Loving Lord wants us to live
above that fear. That is the reason He offers that wonderful garment of praise. Try it on for size. I guarantee it will fit and that you will
like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other thoughts this week:

1. Last week, I mentioned keeping in touch through modern technology. My sweet wife, Pamela, reminded me that old fashioned cards and letters
also work. After thinking about it, I think she has a great idea.  Something on paper can be reread time after time. Do you have someone
you can thank, remember, appreciate, with a written word this week? Do you know a waitress, or some other person who is struggling financially
because their workplace is closed? If the Lord leads you to do it, place some cash in your letter. It is even more fun when you can do it

2.I know folks all around the nation who are strong in their faith. A few Sundays away from church will not deter their walk with the Lord,
nor their giving of tithes and offerings. However, what about those who were “barely hanging on”? If you know of someone like that, please spend extra time in praying for them. Our prayers could make the difference in their future salvation or their future walk with God.

3. As soon as our Deacons make a decision about canceling or holding future services, you will receive a “One-Call” letting you know.

We really did miss getting to see you folks last week. Sunday is just not the same without that precious fellowship.

Be blessed in Jesus!

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove

Newsletter march 22


When the Apostle Paul was away from the people and fellow believers that he loved, he often wrote them letters. I do not begin to compare with
Paul. However, I do want to keep in touch. Therefore, you are receiving this letter [some in paper form and some by email]. I am very thankful
that I am writing from the comfort of my home and not from a prison cell as Paul so often had to do.
As you know by now, we have canceled all activities and services at Barbee’s Grove for the next two weeks [March 22 and 29]. We will
reevaluate the situation after that. Romans 13:1 says that we are to be “subject to the higher powers” [the government]. In obedience to the
call from State and Federal authorities to have no large group meetings, we have canceled. We know that you understand.
Let me add some practical ideas:
1. Our Deacons are here to serve. If you or someone you know has a need, please contact your Deacon.
2.Expenses, such as electricity and insurance will continue in spite of the services being canceled. If you wish to continue to give your tithes
and offerings weekly, you may mail them to the church at Box 679 Oakboro, NC 28129.It would be helpful if they were mailed near the
weekend in order that they could be picked up and deposited on Monday. Please do not mail cash.
3.This is a wonderful time to strengthen your family. Think of those “old time” pioneers in the mountains and out on the prairies. When there
was no church or preacher available, they gathered at home, read and discussed the Bible and joined in prayer. It can be a precious time of
family and spiritual growth. It could also be a time of ministry as you invite a lonely neighbor to join your family.
4.This is not a time for panic or fear. As Paul reminds us in 2 Timothy 1:7, “God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love,
and of a sound mind.” Fear is from the devil, not from God.   Resist the devil in the strong Name of Jesus and receive God’s peace. As
Believers in Jesus we walk in the blessings of our Lord, even when the world is in turmoil. Jesus is Lord!!!
5. You can find previous messages from past Barbee’s Grove services on our website You also may request CDs of past
services from your Deacon
6. There are some excellent ministers on TV and radio. Listen to one or more of them. If you hear something that you do not understand, make a
note of what was said and who said it. I will be happy to discuss your questions. You may have heard a new truth you never heard before, or you
could have heard someone who is in error. Let’s talk!
7. Stay in touch by telephone, email, text, and all those other technological advances that I do not begin to understand!!!
8. Spend much time in Prayer. Let us join in asking our Lord to bring genuine Holy Spirit revival to our nation and world. It becomes a time
of wonder and rejoicing when God takes what the devil meant for evil and turns it into a blessing. I am excited as I watch for our Lord to
glorify Himself and to bless us in the days that are coming. The Friday of the cross looked dark and hopeless. The Sunday of the resurrection
began a glorious day of joy, hope, salvation, and victory.  Jesus is still on the throne!!!

Be blessed of the Lord today Brothers and Sisters in the Lord
We love you in Jesus, 
Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove



Time of Refreshing & Renewal April 5-12

Spring – a time of new growth, flowers, grass, and beauty. This year, we invite you to a time of Spiritual Growth, Renewal, And Refreshing.

April 5-12 at Barbee’s Grove Church. These services will have some teaching/preaching, but will mostly consist of concentrated times of prayer!

Prayer Emphasis:
1. After two year of work our Pastor Selection Committee needs special prayer.
2. We must pray about our future at Barbee’s Grove Church.
3. We need a fresh awareness of the power and presence of our Lord!


Sunday April 5 –
5:00pm Church Council;
5:30pm: Mission Groups;
6:00pm: Prayer – Seeking the Lord;
7:00pm: Deacon’s Meeting

Monday, April 6 – 6:00pm: Prayer – Seeking the Lord

Tuesday, April 7 – 6:00pm: Prayer – Seeking the Lord

Wednesday, April 8 – 6:00pm: Prayer – Seeking the Lord

Thursday, April 9 – 7:00pm Maundy Thursday Service – Holy Communion as we remember the Lord who loved us enough to die for our sin.

Sunday, April 12 –
6:45am: Sunrise Service
7:00am: Breakfast
7:50am: Sunday School
9:00am: Worship Service Celebrating our Lord’s Resurrection

This week of Renewal and Refreshing is a tine for all of us who are serious about our walk with Jesus to gather and to seek him together. We invite you to join us as we worship, pray and seek His Face!!!


(704) 485-4210

24819  Barbee’s Grove Road
PO Box 679
Oakboro, NC 28129

Do you have a prayer requests that you would like to share?  If so, please contact our church office at

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