We believe the scripture of the Old and New Testaments to be the inspired Word of God. This is the word that we live by to rule our faith and practice. Our mission is to seek and minister to the lost, presenting to them the gospel that they may know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We assemble together to be led by the Holy Spirit in our worship.  We believe in promoting spiritual growth among new believers & maturing Christians and to encourage one another in Christian love. 


Sunday School begins at 9:00 AM followed by Worship Service at 10:00 AM. We also provide Children’s Worship Service every Sunday during our ten o’clock worship hour. Wednesday night services are held at 6:30 PM. Please see the Weekly Schedule or Upcoming Events section for more information. We would love for you to come worship with us in the Lord’s house.

God Bless You!


Sunday, July 14th

9:00 am: Sunday School
10:00 am: Sunday Worship Service
11:00 am: Church Council Meeting
6:30 pm: Choir Practice

No Evening Services

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Wednesday, July 17th

 6:30 pm: Adult Bible Study

Next Sunday, July 21st

9:00 am: Sunday School
10:00 am: Sunday Worship Service


No Evening Services

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Newsletter July 14th


Now that I no longer have a sweet wife at my house to remind me to “Get off the couch and get busy”, I find that my “TO DO” list is divided into two parts. The first part contains all the “MUST DO” items. On the list are such things as: show up at church at the appropriate times, prepare and preach a sermon and teach a Bible study, write a Newsletter, write my tithe check, pay my taxes, get an adequate amount of sleep, etc.

The other part of the “TO DO” list contains the “SHOULD DO” items. I should sweep the floor, mop the kitchen, dust the furniture, wash the sheets, trim that overgrown bush in the backyard etc. These are things that need to be done, but perhaps not immediately. Some days I feel energetic and adopt the philosophy, “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today”. I accomplish a lot those days. Other days, I have the exact opposite idea, “Why trouble myself doing it today when it will wait till tomorrow”. After all, no one comes to my house. What does it matter if I wait a day or two to sweep? As a result, some “SHOULD DO” items stay on my list for weeks.

In the light of eternity, I don’t guess it really matters which day I sweep, vacuum, mop, or dust. As long as I am content and the little doggie doesn’t complain, it’s all good. However, in the light of eternity, there are things that do matter. These should never be put off or delayed

  1. Make sure that you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Some folks plan to get saved “someday”. However, they wait too late, life ends, and they step out into eternity. They find that their final destination is not Heaven. Please don’t make this mistake.
  2. Make sure that you have forgiven everyone who has wronged you. It’s not easy, especially if the hurt runs deep, but life is too short to have it consumed with hate, anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness. Those emotions make a person miserable. Forgiveness brings healing.
  3. Make sure that you have apologized and sought reconciliation from all those you have wronged. Jesus told us to “leave our gift at the altar and go seek reconciliation.” [Matthew 5:24] Others may, or may not, forgive you, but if you have sought forgiveness in a spirit of humbleness, you have pleased the Lord. He will bless you.
  4. Make sure to seek out and to “Thank” the people who have been a special blessing in your life. It may have been kind words, gifts, wise counsel, loving acceptance, instruction in some facet of life, there are so many ways others bless us. If at all possible let these special people know what a blessing they have been. It will brighten their day and your day as well.

When our “TO DO” list finds these four things checked off as “DONE” we find that we are so much happier. We live at peace with ourselves, with others, and with our Lord.. 


  1. Sunday School is at 9:00 am
  2. Morning Worship and Children’s Church is at 10:00 am. Also available in the parking lot at 10 on 99.1 FM and on the website after 12:30 pm
  3. Prayer and Bible Study is Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall
  4. July 21–Quarterly Church Conference
    Friday, July 26–6-8 pm—Registration and a meal
    Saturday, July 27–9 am -3 pm–Classes [Breakfast and lunch served]
    Sunday, July 28 –2-5 pm–Water Fun Day and Ice Cream

Let’s get busy on our “MUST DO” list

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church


July 21–Quarterly Church Conference

Our next Quarterly Conference will be Sunday July 21, immediately after the service. 

Vacation Bible School – July 26th

Please be in prayer for our Vacation Bible School this summer! The dates are July 26th, 27th and 28th.

  • 6:00-8:00pm Friday, July 26th—Registration & Meal served
  • 9:00 am-3:00 pm–Saturday, July 27th –Breakfast and lunch provided
  • 2:00pm – 5:00pm – Sunday, July 28th – — Water Fun Day & Ice cream Party
  • Plan to attend. Please invite unchurched children to attend


(704) 485-4210

24819  Barbee’s Grove Road
PO Box 679
Oakboro, NC 28129

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