We believe the scripture of the Old and New Testaments to be the inspired Word of God. This is the word that we live by to rule our faith and practice. Our mission is to seek and minister to the lost, presenting to them the gospel that they may know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We assemble together to be led by the Holy Spirit in our worship.  We believe in promoting spiritual growth among new believers & maturing Christians and to encourage one another in Christian love. 


Sunday School begins at 9:00 AM followed by Worship Service at 10:00 AM. We also provide Children’s Worship Service every Sunday during our ten o’clock worship hour. Wednesday night services are held at 6:30 PM. Please see the Weekly Schedule or Upcoming Events section for more information. We would love for you to come worship with us in the Lord’s house.

God Bless You!


Sunday, Mar 26th

9:00 am Sunday School
10:00 am Sunday Worship Service

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Wednesday, Mar 29th

6:30pm:  Adult Bible Study

Next Sunday, April 2nd

9:00 am Sunday School
10:00 am Sunday Worship Service

Listen live in your car on 99.1 FM

Newsletter Mar 26th 


Oops. I goofed. Last week I failed to mention the wonderful news that Adelyn Hartsell, daughter of Grant and Erin Hartsell, has come accepting Jesus as her Lord and Savior. We welcome her and pray for her as she awaits baptism and church membership.


Lately, a few phrases from what I am told is an old Negro spiritual have been flowing through my mind.  I have been praising the Lord for the truth found in this old song which is based on Jeremiah 8:22,

“There is a balm in Gilead
 To make the wounded whole
 There is a balm in Gilead
 To heal the sin-sick soul”

Probably, every person reading these words has been “wounded” in one way or another. Have you been “wounded” by verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, bullying, marital problems, job loss, loss of loved ones through death, divorce, or misunderstanding, lies told about you, financial struggles, or in some other way? Many of you may admit that you have wounds that are numerous and some that go deep.

Throughout the New Testament, the hurting came to Jesus and “He had compassion upon them”. Jesus also promised, “Come unto Me all ye that are weak and heavy laden, and I will give you rest”. [Matthew 11:28] Friends, no matter what your specific “wound” is, nor how deep it goes, you can take it to Jesus and find peace, rest, and healing. As with our physical bodies, the bigger the wound, the longer it may take to heal. Stay close to Jesus, the Great Physician, and healing will come.

The Bible teaches that “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. [Romans 3:23] Sin makes our souls sick. Down in our inner man there is a sickness that can only be cured by the forgiveness Jesus gives through His blood shed on the cross and through a personal relationship with Him as Lord and Savior. Men deny their need of Jesus and His healing. They try to cure themselves with good deeds, “wine, women and song”, drugs, and other false cures. In the long run, only God’s forgiveness through a personal relationship with Jesus “heals the sin-sick soul”.

Wounds and sin are a part of life. No one escapes the pain they bring. However, the good, wonderful, blessed news, is that there is “A Balm in Gilead” and we know Him as Jesus. Praise God for His miraculous cure for all our pains.!!!!!!


  1. Sunday School is at 9:00 am. Also available in the parking lot on 99.1 FM
  2. Morning Worship and Children’s Church is at 10:00 am. Also available in the parking lot at 10 and on the website after 12:30 pm
  3. Prayer and Bible Study is Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall
  4. $ 500–A good start toward our $1500 goal for the Annie Armstrong Offering for Home Missions. Give between now and Easter.
  5. Interested in singing in the choir? There is a sign-up sheet in the hall. We need to know if there is sufficient interest to restart a choir.
  6. April 2–Palm Sunday–Our children will be singing
  7. Quarterly Church Conference–April 16
  8. April 6–Maundy-Thursday Service–6:30 pm. No Wednesday Bible Study that week
  9. Easter Schedule
    6:45–Sunrise Service
    7:00 –Breakfast
    8:00 –Sunday School
    9:00– Morning Worship and Children’s Church
  10. The new roof has been installed on the Sanctuary.

 God loves you and offers to you His healing touch.
Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church


BGBC Youth and Children’s Choir

Our Youth and Children’s Choir will be singing next Sunday, April 2nd. Please join us for this event.

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering- Month of March/April

We will be collecting for the 2023 Annie Armstrong Easter offering throughout the months of March/April. The Week of prayer is March 12th -19th. Please use the enclosed guide as you pray this week. The theme this year is “ United to Reach North America with the Gospel” 1 John 3:16-18. Our goal this year is $1500.

Sign Up Sheet for Choir

Interested in singing in the choir? There is a sign up sheet in the hall. We need to know if there is sufficient interest to restart a choir

April 6th – Maundy Thursday Observance

We will observe Maundy-Thursday Service–6:30 pm on Thursday April 6th. No Wednesday Bible Study that week


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