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We believe the scripture of the Old and New Testaments to be the inspired Word of God. This is the word that we live by to rule our faith and practice. Our mission is to seek and minister to the lost, presenting to them the gospel that they may know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We assemble together to be led by the Holy Spirit in our worship.  We believe in promoting spiritual growth among new believers & maturing Christians and to encourage one another in Christian love. 


Sunday School begins at 10:00 AM followed by Worship Service at 11:00 AM. We also provide Children’s Worship Service every Sunday during our eleven o’clock worship hour. Wednesday night services are held at 6:30 PM. Please see the Weekly Schedule or Upcoming Events section for more information. We would love for you to come worship with us in the Lord’s house.

God Bless You!


Sunday, Feb 28th

10:00 am Service

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Wednesday, Mar 3rd

6:30 PM No Adult Bible Study

Next Sunday, Mar  7th

10:00 am Service

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Newsletter February 28th


Recently, as I was reading from one of my devotional books, the writer, a great minister, mentioned that he and his wife had been in a deep conversation. As they talked, the train of thought turned to people who had harmed and opposed their ministry. When he realized that the negative talk was making him angry and depressed, he immediately changed directions. They began to remember all the people who had been a blessing and who made them smile. The tone of the conversation changed dramatically.

As we sat down for lunch, I mentioned that devotion to Pamela. We have had plenty of negative people in our lives, but immediately my sweet wife started naming some of those “make you smile people”. I added a few and we had a great time reminiscing about special individuals who had been a blessing to us.

All through lunch, we kept saying names. Each brought a smile of remembrance and a new bubble of joy. Some of these we contact regularly, and some are waiting for us in heaven.  All of these “make you smile” and “fill your heart with joy” friends have been God’s special grace gift to us.

The challenge each of us face, is to be that kind of person. When others think of you and when they think of me, do their memories of us bring joy? Are they excited about seeing us again?  Sweet words, loving attitudes, and acts of kindness are ways of leaving positive thoughts in the minds of others.

The Psalmist [19:14] said, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, oh Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer”. When our hearts and words please the Lord, we will be a blessing.

The Apostle Paul wrote to the Philippians [1:3] “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you”. As he wrote to the Thessalonians twice, he said [1:3, 2:13] “But we are always bound to give thanks for you”. Here were two churches that brought a smile to the Apostle’s face. 

Let’s vow to strive to be such a blessing to others that we become “smile bringers”. As a result, others will be touched, and Jesus will be honored. AMEN 


  1. Services continue as usual. 10:00 am on FM 99.1 in the parking lot and after 12:30 pm on the website.
  2. The total of our offering for the Pregnancy Resource Center remains at $975. This is the last week to give. You have done well!
  3. The Realtor is now showing the parsonage to all interested buyers.

Let’s continue to worship and serve Jesus together. 

Pastor Ed and Deacons of Barbee’s Grove Baptist Church 


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